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an annoying rattle

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The last two weeks have been hell.

Yes, the little Echo rattles, its 20 years old and severely treated in that time.

So it has a few battle scars, lots of klunks and ratles, but most of these I could live with.

But about two weeks ago it got this annoying little rattle in the dash.

Not all the time mind, just when idling and through the gears...Rattle Rattle Rattle.

I started pulling everything I could think of out and was about to embark on a full dash removal.

Then I was just doing a few adjustments under the bonnet and I sighted the cause of my persistent and annoying rattle.

It was the damn accelerator cable hitting the fire wall.

Wrapped some sponge around it and took the car for a drive......Noise gone.

I could have pulled the whole dash down and never found that damn thing.

Just a warning to all you who have an annoying rattle................Sometimes its not where you think it is, sneaky little beggars.

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I feel your pain. Nothing annoys me more than rattles, squeaks and other similar sounds that emanate.

It doesn't have to be old either. I had an Isuzu D max and that car drove me crazy with the amount of dash rattles and squeaks. So much so, that I pulled half the dash apart to try and figure it out and still couldn't put my finger on it so I gave up and just put up with it. The rattles were coming from the bottom region of the A pillars. It was a total mystery.

Another one was a vibration in the middle of the dash behind the display. It was like a metal ringing sound that would ring out when you hit a certain rev and being a diesel that was constant. It turned to be one missing screw holding the head unit in. So I found an M10 screw and that one was solved.

Then there was another under the dash. Traced it to the metal A/C pipe plastic shielding. The plastic would vibrate over the pipe, so I put some refrigeration pipe insulation in there and that one was also solved.

I could go on and on how many more rattles etc there were in that car. Thankfully, I don't have it anymore and my new company vehicle is a Colorado which is supremely better than the D-Max. The build quality of the D-Max is rubbish in my opinion. The Colorado runs rings around it. Very quiet and no rattles. Thank God ! 

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