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my new rav 4

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I am an aged pensioner, a disabled age pensioner.

The only outdoor experience I really enjoy, or for that fact, am capable of doing, is kayaking.

Enough about my personal life.

Last year I purchased a 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Never really thought that I would purchase such a car, but I was impressed. It was quiet, reliable and had very good fuel economy.

I purchased roof racks for it so I could go kayaking. The only problem I found with the Toyota Camry was that the ground clearance was too low for some of the roads I would be driving on, so I researched SUV’s and, in particular, the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid.

The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid had very good reports and it seemed to fit the bill for my purposes, so in August of this year [2020] I purchased one – an ex-demo, [December]2019 RAV4 GX Hybrid.

‘Pop’ – that was the sound of my expectations and dreams bursting.

‘RECAPTURE YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE’ Toyota’s official web page says of the Rav4. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth for me.

I rang up my local [Penrith N.S.W.] Toyota place to get a quote on a ‘supply and fit’ for a set of roof racks. Imagine my surprise – no -dismay, when having told the accessories person that it was a Toyota Rav4 GX, his exact words were ‘I was afraid of that’.

He then explained to me that Toyota DO NOT make a roof rack for the Toyota Rav4 GX model. They make them for the GXL and Cruiser models, but NOT the GX model.

$39 500 of my savings, hard earned savings, had just been spent on a car that was unable to do the one thing that I wanted the car to do.

There was no point in continuing my dismay with this person, so I decided to contact the Toyota head office to complain.

Oh yes, the Toyota head office was very ‘sympathetic’ to my plight and ‘understanding’ how such a situation could cause me to be upset, but there was nothing that Toyota could do, Toyota didn’t make roof racks for this model and that was that.

Toyota’s solution, and this is the real kicker, was that I should contact the agency I purchased the Rav4 GX from [Mansfield Toyota, Victoria], then take the Rav4 GX back to Mansfield Toyota [which meant driving the vehicle down to Albury, place the vehicle on a tow truck so that it could be transported over the Victorian border] and, get this, then TRADE IT IN for a GXL or Cruiser model, one that takes roof racks [which meant that I would have to wait until Toyota put the upgraded model on a tow truck, bring it back over the border so that I could drive it back to Sydney].

That’s right, Toyota’s solution was for me to spend another $6 000 to $12 000 on another car so that I can fit roof racks that would cost me about $600 to supply and fit.

Well, here’s an idea, why don’t I just hand my keys over to you, Toyota, and then you GIVE me an upgraded Toyota Rav4, at no expense to me – problem solved.

OR, here’s another idea Toyota, make roof racks for the Rav4 GX model.

I don’t care that this Rav4 GX will read my text messages to me or that the wipers will come on when a drop of rain hits the windscreen or that a little yellow light flashes on the sideview mirror if there is a car next to me [when I was learning to drive, they taught me to look over my shoulder to cover the blind spots and to turn the wipers on when it rained], I just want to be able to use the vehicle for the purpose I bought it for. I want to be able to put my kayak on the roof racks of my new, retirement present to myself, Toyota Rav4 GX.

Again I say, $39 500 spent on a vehicle that is unable to let me do the one thing that I want to do.



Christopher Bancroft – very disgruntled Toyota owner

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Damn Chris now that is one heck of a rip off by Toyota..I would feel exactly the same as you..I would be fuming and emails would be flying off my laptop to all concerned, so what have you decided too do?..is there no company who can fit any sort of roof racks to your Rav4?..that would be a thought to research any companies who have the ability to at least ease some of your pain..I am sure someone can at least come up with the answer for you..

I know what it feels like, I was forced into retirement from nursing when I injured my back at work, after fighting the insurance company for over 5 years to get a payout i got stuff all in the end..but I at least got them out of my life..bought a beautiful Aurion Presara and finally felt the pressure lift off my shoulders

So..make a few calls mate..ask a lot of questions of companies who specialize in roof racks, 4WD companies etc..

Let us know what happens please..we are a group of people who like to help each other out when we can


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Is this the answer ? ?  The bars appear to locate over then under the the edge of the turret. The supplier insists they fir 2020 GX Rav4





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Pretty dumb for a RAV if that's the case. Perhaps the OP should have checked this before signing, I would have had the dealer throw them in as a sale sweetener.

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Hello Mr Bancroft. I sympathize with you but I wouldn't bother with dealership stupidity. I'd do my own research. There are plenty of aftermarket options even if Toyota didn't bother to make one specifically for your GX.

There are many top notch dealer such as ARB, Rhinoracks, Thule just to mention a few. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. 

All the best and we hope you find the right solution.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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