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Toyota Estima Air Conditioning

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Having just taken delivery of a 2006 Toyota Estima Aeras v6 3.5  I am a happy boy at the moment.

Never having a car with self clean and ion filter in the Air Conditioning before, I have a question.

When the Blue Clean light comes on when the Air Con is running, does that mean I need to do something, or does it mean the filter is doing it's job and I don't need to do anything?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.



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Here's a quick guide as to what certain colours are trying to tell you.

They are:

RED: This indicates a fault has been detected. You should take immediate action and not ignore red warning lights. Stop the vehicle and contact your Toyota dealership.

AMBER: An amber light also indicates a potential fault. These are less of a priority to red indication lights, but you still shouldn’t ignore them! Contact your Toyota dealership when safe to do so.

GREEN or BLUE: These act as notification light. This shows a feature is turned on and in operation.

So you have nothing to worry about except to know that the ionizer function is on.

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I have a 1998 supercharged toyota estima aeras and was wondering if any body knows the difficulty or has had experience in deleting the rear cabin ceiling air conditioner as I'm looking to make more ceiling room in the van 

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