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2015 Aurion Sportivo rear power sunsahde

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Hi everyone. I recently purchased a 2015 Toyota Aurion Sportivo and only noticed yesterday evening whole installing a dash cam there is a rear sunshade.

There is no button for to move it but I found the wiring behind is attached to the cigarette lighter loom in the centre console.

Being an ex-police car from QLD my guess is they removed that trim and put a radio in there instead. The blank off plates are different colours so my guess is they misplace (thew out) the switch when it was removed to install said radio.

I tested the wiring with a test probe and sure enough it works! But I'd like to get the actual button for it. Would anybody here know the part number for the button?

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32 minutes ago, AuroraBorealis said:

Hi Tony thanks for the response! You've hit the nail on the head mate!
Called the local Toyota dealership and there are none in Australia so it would have to be ordered from Japan.

Your very welcome.

Happy to help :thumbsup:

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5 hours ago, craigaurion said:

Did you have any luck locating the switch ? I have a presara and the curtain doesnt work I am thinking its the switch

Hey Craig. Have you seen your curtain ever work before ? Maybe someone has tampered with it. I'd check the wiring in the boot ( I think the plug is in there, not 100% sure as I've never had to look).

Check and see if there is a seperate fuse for it before calling the switch. The switch rarely goes bad because it doesn't get that much usage to be honest. If you have access to a multi meter, you could test continuity on the contacts if you can pop it out.

If you find the power plug for the shade, you can also test for 12V DC across the pins while the ignition is "on" and have someone depressing the switch.

Let us know how you go.

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