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1 hour ago, NZAURIONMAN said:

has anyone in the group made a custom subwoofer box for the 40 series Aurion ?,

Hi Stephen, to my knowledge, I've never heard of anyone here who has so you may be the Pioneer who may have to lead the way on this one. Us old farts aren't into doof doof all that much and most prefer the stock set up. 

I used to like a bit of sub woofer action when I was younger, I must admit, but it really annoys me these days, especially when I have Morons who must drive around at past midnight with a droning dooof loud enough to rattle the windows in my house and loud enough to wake the dead too. That's so annoying so much so that I'd like to throw a brick at their car as they drive past.

Don't let this detract you from your project. I'm sure you're not one of these people, so enjoy it and share with the rest of us if you like if and when you get it done. There are still some car stereo places around that may be able to help i'm sure.

Welcome to the forum by the way. Sorry for my little rant.:thumbsup:

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This is what i did.

Turned the spare wheel upside down. Made a cylindrical enclosure with a jbl 12" low profile sub.

Then raised the boot 100mm to accommodate the amp and some storage.



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Very nice Ryan. Thinking outside the box. Pun intended :biggrin:

At least you don't have an imposing box in there and still have room to carry stuff. 

Just need to be careful not to damage the woofer's mesh cover. You can probably make a protective surround that fits over the top if you need to use the boot to it's  fullest. Nice work mate and welcome to the forum by the way :thumbsup:

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I would be more inclined to fit a slimline woofer under each front seat. You would still get audible bass, whilst remaining out of sight & no loss of storage room. 

Having said that, the above boot install is very creative, nice work👍

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The slimline sub installed requied a .75 cubic foot sealed enclosure.  So might have been a bit tight under the seat. 

Both the front door and parcel self speakers have been replaced with kenwood 6x9's.

Have built in storage compartments under the raised floor for jump lead ect, so i havn't lost to much room, and it does help to keep the space clean.

You can still get to the spare, though it is a little painful. 

There are plans for a cover.  At the moment just using some left over carpet for protection when the boot is in use.

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I'm talking about the slimline subs with built in amps. Yes they don't kick as much, but for under $600 you can fit a pair of them with 500wrms of bass combined which is plenty enough. Nice work on the install though👍looks tidy

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