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Hey Gents,

I watched this recent excellent video from our friend Pan The Organiser and in this video he debunks all the myths surrounding ceramic coatings. Even with the advent of Graphene based coatings, ceramics still and will have a place in the detailing world.

The main reason for this post is to not only bring attention to like minded people about the benefits of ceramic coatings but to let you know about a deal that is currently on offer by one of the 4 product makers he recommends in the video. AvalonKing.

Most ceramic coatings have a protection of around 2 years and require "toppings" to keep the coating active and work to its fullest potential. The AvalonKing Armour Sheild IX has a protection lifespan of up to 4 to 5 years and according to Pan himself, doesn't need any toppers. So I think that's a great testament to the product and I know Pan would never lie to his viewers. The claim comes straight from the manufacturer too.

AvalonKing have their Armour Shield IX on a special offer if you use the promo code pan25 for your discount. Normally ceramic coatings sell for over $100 for one bottle but if you buy the Armour Shield IX and apply the U.S.$25 discount you get a pretty fantastic deal. If you buy one it you'll pay U.S. $6.99 shipping but two kits get you free worldwide shipping. 

I have already purchased two kits and look forward to treating mine and my Dad's Aurions. It can also be applied to all other exterior hard surfaces such as glass, headlights and plastic trim for full UV protection. Very easy to use as a DIY so don't be afraid to use it. Follow the instructions and you can't go wrong.

This is the Instructional video.

 It comes in a kit as follows

30ml Bottle Armor Shield IX
Application Sponge
Applicator Suedes x3
Professional Nitrile Gloves
Microfiber Buffing Towel


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Saw the same video and yes Pan really explained the facts and cleared up the myths with ceramic coatings, I was really surprised about Avalonking giving such a long life protection..so yes a good deal for sure on those kits..have added to the must do some thinking about list..as money is a bit tight right now.

Thanks for posting all the details Tony

Keep Safe Keep Strong


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Interesting that it has double the lifespan of your typical coating.

On another note Tony have you used or know of a ceramic coating that's for dark/warm colours that may create a similar effect as a warm coloured wax ? I'm thinking Kamikaze or even Angelwax. Not looked into this lately, not for over a year at least. Cheers 🙂

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4 hours ago, ZZT86 said:

have you used or know of a ceramic coating that's for dark/warm colours that may create a similar effect as a warm coloured wax ?

That's an excellent question G. I haven't used any personally,  but I doubt there would be a ceramic coating that can mimic carnauba wax the way nature intended. I have researched this a bit and found little. The chemistry of SI02 is totally different to that of carnauba and hence I would say no.

Kamikaze claim to have such a product, but I'd take it with a grain of salt with the marketing hype. It's a very competitive industry and until you've tried several products (at great expense) you'll never really know. It can get expensive real quick.

If it's that warm glow you're after, I'd put down a ceramic coat first and then top it with a sacrificial layer of your favourite carnauba wax. There are plenty to choose from, even ones that are SI02 infused. Fireball have come a long way, and they have amazing products. High end stuff.

Here's a few links for you to ponder



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Hi Gents,

My order from Avalon King in the U.S. arrived today and I am pretty stoked. The presentation of this product is outstanding. I can't wait to apply it too. Might have to wait until my break over Christmas when I'm off unless I have a small miracle in the meantime and hopefully do a follow up review as well.











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WOW a bright and shiny product love it..also liked the apply smile enjoy logo..I am sure you will let us all know if that miracle does arrive before the man in the red suit time arrives

Thanks for the pic's as well shows great pride in their products when packaged so well... i can see Tony's face now drooling 🤣🤣🤣


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