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Long term storage viability of hybrid motors

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Hi, we have owned several Toyota's over the last half century but not tried one with a hybrid motor yet. We like the concept but are not sure it would suit our specific needs, as we live and work overseas for 4 to 6 months every year and put our car in storage while we are away. So would like to ask if you reckon it would be wise for us to consider a hybrid Yaris with its separate engine and battery system or would that not make as much sense as a traditional petrol engine Toyota, given the regular annual long-term storage requirement? I know from my experience with computers and cameras that leaving them off without charging them for months at a time is not a good idea - but am not sure if the same goes for cars?

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I think your concerns are valid. There have been premature failures of hybrid batteries through light or low vehicle usage. Batteries that spend time in a low state of charge have a reduced service life.

With the exception of the recently released MY21 Yaris Hybrid, other Toyota hybrids have use Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, which have  high rates of self discharge so you'd have to have some method of trickle charging while storing the car and  I don't know if this is technically possible?

But the abovementioned problem aside hybrid cars are most suited to vehicles that do high city mileages, where their higher purchase costs can be offset by the fuel savings. If your frequently out the country chances are you don't fall in to this category and won't benifit much from hybrid ownership.

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