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Hi All,

Thought I'd join this forum as I'm sure there will be things I can learn and also possibly help others from my experiences.

Have owned many Toyota's over 25 years of vehicle ownership and have seldom been disappointed.  In most recent years I have settled on the Camry as my vehicle of choice, and now on my third one, a 2006 3.0L Sportivo, after a 99' 2.2L GX, then a 2009 2.4L Facelift, which was sadly written off very recently due to someone leaving their handbrake off, a rolling tradies van with 'roo' bars causes a lot of damage when it hits your car.

I do miss my 09' Camry, that was a fantastic car however I am growing to enjoy the 06' Camry as well, the V6 is docile and smooth and requires little effort on the hills, but if you disturb it with your right foot, it likes to bite back which I am quite liking over the 2.4L in the last Camry.

Anyway...looking forward to reading over the forums and learning more about the MCV36R.



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Welcome to the Forum. Good to see that you bring over 25 years of Toyota ownership. Shame about the demise of your '09 Camry but I am sure that you are enjoying the V6. Sportivo has that little bit extra in the handling.

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Welcome to the forum Mark..Glad your with us..sad loss of the 09'..not the way you wish any loved car to go..I am sure you will find a wealth of knowledge and passion on here..and please feel free to throw any ideas or knowledge yourself as it is always appreciated

Keep Safe


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