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I am looking for my old 1968 Toyota Corona 2 speed auto.  Last seen in Arana Hills Brisbane with the rego PIP?00.  It is blue/gray on the outside and cream/bone colour upholstery.  Any info as to its where about would be greatly appreciated.  It has great sentimental value to my family.  Ta Jim

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Hope you find the old girl Jim, I know I would love to locate my old first gen celica..loved that car but sold it many many years ago

Keep Safe


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No not stolen.  I sold it in 1973 and regretted it the next day.  My wife and I had much fun in that car.  Drove it between Brisbane and Canberra on about 10 occasions.  And it never missed a beat.  I last saw it in 1982 opposite my sister's house in Arana hills.

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13 minutes ago, 68 Corona search said:

 I sold it in 1973 and regretted it the next day.

I have had the "seller's remorse" on a few occasions too believe me, I totally understand. 

Last sighting being in '82, I would be extremely surprised if it turned up anywhere. You can try talking to the motor registry, if you still have the chassis number and see if it is still registered at least. I know they can't give out someone's address, but they should be able to tell you if it's still on the road. It could even be in someone's shed just waiting to be re discovered as a "barn find". If not, and it was handed down the line to a beneficiary, they may only see dollar signs and decide to flog it for some ridiculous amount as they do with most vintage cars these days.

I hope you find it.

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