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Hi, I've been in the group a little while. But been inactive. So saying hello 👋

I drive a 2013 Aurion and live in Sydney. I'm wanting to do a few things with my car but not sure where to go to get good advice and not get ripped off.

Any help with getting bigger wheels, better exhaust, power increase, body styling and extra bits and bobs would be greatly appreciated.  😁

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Hello Steve, 

it pays to be active to get the most benefit from the Forum. In recent weeks, there have been a number of posts about the topics you are interested in. Best to help yourself by doing some Forum or Google searches to locate these posts. Also take the time to read all of the posts on a thread

After quite some internet searching since joining this Forum, I believe that the best upgrade is a set of new quality tyres from a trusted brand name that meet your driving needs. If you are interested in performance tyres, a few members have recently bought Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Sometimes it is a case of selecting your tyres then upgrading to the required wheel size. 

Next upgrade is a good set of quality brake pads. Plenty of information in recent posts about which brake pads members are using or recently bought. 

There was a recent post about suspension upgrade and there are previous posts from 2007 on particularly about upgrading the rear sway bar. 

Also a recent post where the member has replaced the rear mufflers with pleasing results. There are also a few threads about the Y pipe modification. Rather than do that modification, I upgraded the catalytic converter before the resonator. 

Combination of all those upgrades, modifications and regular servicing will maximise the performance. If you want more performance i.e. KWs then buy a performance car. 

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Welcome to the message part of the forum Steve, as Ash just said there are many many posts in the threads for Aurion Upgrades..so I would spend an hour or so just reading..many have done a lot of modifications and some have lead to excellent results, personally i like mine the way it was built..and only done a bare minimum of alterations..mostly on the headunit side...but that is just my 2 cents worth

Keep Safe


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