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2008 200 landcruiser saraha 2nd row seat removal now with airbag warning on dash

Greg 200

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Hi There,

I have removed the 2nd row seats to install a flat shelf for the dogs. But in doing this the airbag light has come on.

Any info on how to turn this off would be great.

I also wonder if this makes the other airbags inoperable ??

Many thanks,


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You'll find detailed instructions, the equipment you will need including part numbers and photo instructions in LCool.

Here is an abbreviated version (I don't know if the pics are going to work.  If not, you'll need to go to LCool for them)


Here is what you need to turn it off again. Essentially you must trick the SRS ECU into thinking the side impact airbag in the seat is still present. To do so you must put a 2.2ohnm 2watt flame proof resistor in line where the squib once was.

Parts list

2) Toyota housing connectors     90980-12697

(2) 2.2ohnm 2watt flameproof resistors  NTE2W2D2

(2) Volkswagen wires      000-979-017-E

Step one.

Cut the VW wire so that you have one short length and and sauder the resistor in line.


Step two

Shrink wrap the resistor and exposed metal with a couple of layers. This resistor is going to get a little warm so insulated it well.

Fold the wire in half so that the pins are at the same length and shrink wrap the whole piece.



Step three

Seat the pins in the hosing connector.

If aligned properly, they will snap right in and the retention clip will hold them in place.



Step four

Disconnect the battery.

Plug your new SRS squib simulator into the harness connectors in the 2nd row. I slid mine along the wiring loom under the carpet pointing toward the front of the vehicle.

Reconnect your battery and your done



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