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I am starting to get a bit more interested in electric vehicles as the technology barriers are being initially overcome with more to follow.

As I was saying at work, I think in terms of analogies. So the best one that I can think of is digital photography. Look quite a few years before film was truly superceded.

A bit late but I have just viewed this YouTube video about Toyota All Electric vehicles. With the new electric vehicle platform, there is plenty of scope for future models.


As a late adopter of new technology, it will be interesting to see how quickly mainstream consumers make the transition. Maybe 5 years is not so unrealistic.



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Saw the other night that Jaguar is going all electric in the very near future, so Ash it is something that will come. What form it will take with all the new tech into photovoltaic cells and solar charging abilities now I am hoping that the electric side of vehicle development will incorporate that to enable us to travel long distances without the need to plug in all the time to keep going.

It is a future that is both exciting and also amazing, but like a lot I will miss that exhaust note we have right now and the ability to look at the gauge slowly going down as the miles fly by


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It is a development and technology race with lots of cash burn. Lots of promised and demonstrated potential from previous years is finally going to happen.

I viewed a YouTube video about electric cars that will be coming to the market in 2021 e.g. Lucid Air development from 2016 to production in late 2021. 

I have also been viewing various YouTube videos about Tesla rivals. 

Business is about cashflow and survival. Just viewed this YouTube video about the RAV4 Prime which gives some clues of future development paths towards an all electric vehicle. 


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14 hours ago, ZZT86 said:

That's a 2tonne RAV that does sub 6 seconds to 100km/h - struth !

I think that it demonstrates the effectiveness of a 3 electric motor combination and the power of the fitted motors.

I had another viewing of the video. Interesting how it is his daily driver and he has been using the all electric drive option presumably for his daily commute to work then charge overnight. End result being that he has not had to buy petrol. All of this with a 48 mile range battery pack and no "range anxiety".


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