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I’ve just purchased a 2011 AWD Kluger with 70.000km on the clock. It’s been a city car and rarely been on the freeway. I’ve noticed a faint whine between 60 and 70km/h. I’ve read old posts about this issue and sometimes it was fixed under warranty but not sure what the problem was. My guess it’s either the transfer case, rear diff or front diff. Has anyone here had this issue, and is it something that needs attention immediately? I’m happy to put up with the noise as long as it isn’t do untold damage, or gets super loud.

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18 hours ago, Klugerorbust said:

I’ve just purchased a 2011 AWD Kluger with 70.000km on the clock.

Hi Warren, if it was a car yard purchase, then you should take it back to them under warranty. If it was a private sale then I'd do what Ashley has said and get the transmission/transfer case fluid done as the first measure and go from there.

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Thanks Ashley, Thanks Tony. It's booked in for a transmission service tomorrow, and I'll change the rear diff and transfer case oil myself on the weekend. Fingers crossed, it will go away. Or hopefully not get any worse. I purchased it privately Tony.

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