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Central Locking Problem

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Hey guys, I'm a newbie here...
hoping someone can help me shed some light on a problem that I'm having with the central locking system on my 2014 Corolla Ascent Hatchback.

Both the 2 front doors stopped responding to the key fob remote at the same time.
Neither of the front doors will lock/unlock using the remote, but the 2 rear doors and the hatchback are still working fine with the remote.

Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you fix it please?

I took the car to an auto electrician today, who charged me $83 for a quote... he wants to replace both front door locks at a cost of $1025 for new parts plus labour, OR $670 for second hand parts, plus labour.
I don't know but this seems pretty expensive to me and not within my budget at the moment. 

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sharon

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Hi Sharon and welcome to the forum. It's hard to say definitively what is going on but it's weird how the two front doors failed at the same time.

Just wondering what test the auto electrician carried out to make the determination he did. Did he explain it to you ?

Is it possible that there is some loose wiring perhaps in the main harness to the doors. Has any collision repair been done recently ?

If you are able to get a second opinion, this may be of some value to you. Some shops are unashamedly over quoting to claw back money lost during covid and it's possible it may not be what it seems.

If you need 2nd hand parts, I'd take the initiative and call a few wreckers in your area and get a feel for the pricing structure for your particular car. I can't see how two door lock solenoids can costs $670. That doesn't sound right. I'd guesstimate approx $100 each, maybe.

Do you know anyone who is handy and has a multi meter. They can test the circuit and see if power is actually getting through to the door locks. 

If it's all too much for you, then perhaps just live without it until you can find someone who can help.

Let us know how you go.

Cheers :thumbsup:


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Hey Tony, thanks very much for your reply.
No unfortunately the auto electrician wasn't forthcoming with any information or explanation as to how he reached his diagnosis. I think it may have just been the easiest/ quickest option for him, regardless of cost. Yes I'll certainly go ahead and get a second opinion, thanks.
There hasn't been any collision repairs done recently, but I guess there would be a possibility that loose wires could be causing the problem, especially since both doors failed at the same time.
My son-in-law is handy with a multi meter, and he owes me a favour lol. 
I'll also call some wreckers in the local area and see what I can find in regards to pricing... $100 each or thereabouts sounds a whole lot better!
Thanks again for your help, much appreciated 🙂

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