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ATX headlight aim? Help…

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Hi, I have searched but the photos are gone from an old thread on this. I hit a stupid kangaroo, $550 for a new light…

I moved the screws I could see and they moved the high beam but I really want to adjust the height of the low beams. Anyone know how to do it? 

Any help is greatly appreciated 

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8 hours ago, matt36415 said:

Yes $550 for a genuine one. I watched the video but the screws he mentioned do nothing on either the new or old ones

I would've assumed they'd be correctly adjusted from factory being a Genuine item. I can understand the aim being off for an aftermarket light. Hmm.. How bad is it ?

I totally understand your frustration, because there is bugger all youtube content for the Aurion being specific only to our Market and so trying to search out certain things always leads to a dead end. I am sure you can adjust them but which screws I couldn't say as I'm not familiar with 40 series headlights. If you can post up some some photos of the back of the light that may trigger some thoughts. Take a close look at the plastic casing on the back and see if there is any print cast in the plastic that points to what is what. This could narrow things down a bit.

I took some photos and made a short video one early morning when we had a real pea souper fog recently and I was genuinely surprised at how headlights are adjusted from factory. The pics are for my current model Colorado, and I assume all cars are adjusted in this same way as per the Australian standard.
If you look at the drivers beam, it is more of a concentrated beam pointed towards the left, intersecting with the left beam and slightly upward. The left beam is pointed relatively straight and little down. This is so you don't blind oncoming drivers.



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13 hours ago, matt36415 said:

After hitting kangaroo and replacing headlight its a bit low, 

Is it possible you may have also bent the front support ? Did you check the metal work around where the headlight mounts too ?

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although i guess i should clarify, you won't have a problem seeing that screw when the headlight is not in the car. You just can't access it when its mounted, hence why they provide the access hole to adjust the low beam. 

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16 hours ago, matt36415 said:

the metal around the headlight attachment points isnt bent

I cannot imagine the front end takes a hit from a kangaroo and nothing gets bent. The metal isn't as strong as you think. If the headlight broke then I'd be pretty sure something is slightly off kilter with the metal work even if it doesn't appear that way. You may need to remove the headlight on the good side and just compare things.

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