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Limp mode Toyota landcruiser


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Hey Guys 


My 2016 Toyota landcruiser dual cab ute is going into limp mode. The code that it is throwing up is throttle sensor pedal. I have bought a new pedal throttle sensor twice now and is still going into limp mode. I asked around and they said it could be the aftermarket cruise control so I got a mechanic to take that out and 3 months later limp mode again. I pulled over on the high way turned the car off for 2 mins started it up and drove again it was okay. But it did let me drive over 100Kms but engine light was still. 

I shut it off for half an hour  once i got home and started the car  engine light was off. I got a mechanic to check the wires but couldn't find anything loose. 


Any ideas guys. 

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Could be something going on at the throttle body Quentin. Usually an area where excessive heat is generated is the first place a part can fail, not inside ambient conditioned interior spaces where the pedal resides.  You could have something as simple as a dodgy connection at the throttle body. If you're confident enough, take a look around that area and just check all the socketed connectors. Unplug each one and check for corrosion or dirt and clean if required.

Failing that, you can have Toyota look at it as they have properly trained technicians who know their way around these very complex electronics. Not to discredit your mechanic, but in most instances, if they don't know what they are doing, they can induce more issues than you think when adding aftermarket items, especially when patching in wiring into the vehicles sensitive electronics.

If you've replaced the throttle pedal sensor twice, which is essentially your flyby wire pot on the pedal, it can't be a coincidence that both can be faulty even though the error code points to it. That error code can also mean something else in the chain and not one specific thing. This is the problem with engine codes. It's not as black and white sometimes.

Others may chime in if they've experienced such an issue, but If it was mine, I'd defintely get Toyota to hook up to it and check that section out.

Hope it all works out for you.

Cheers mate :thumbsup:

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