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Engine oil for 2021 SR5 hilux


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The owners manual specifies 0w 30 or 5w 30, I’ve read somewhere that this is too thin for qld climate, but when I do the search on super cheap or repco, they’re not giving me any other option but the lightweight oils as mentioned above, any thoughts?

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You have a new vehicle under warranty. Definitely use the oil viscosity recommended in your owner's manual. Be very careful about what you read on the internet. Past posts are not necessarily relevant to your recent modern Toyota engine which would be manufactured with tight tolerances and specific lubrication requirements.

Have a look at the Penrite Product selector for your specific vehicle.


General concensus of opinion on this Forum is to use a known brand quality full synthetic oil and the correct oil viscosity for your vehicle's engine.

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I agree 100 % with Ashley's statement. You have the latest model there and Toyota specify a certain viscosity for a reason. Deviate outside of this and you run the risk of potential engine damage in the longer term. Don't let the numbers scare you. They opt for 0W and 5W for a specific reason. They did the research and testing to ensure the end user has the correct information. Go with what it states in the book and what it says on the oil cap and you'll never have to worry any further. 

Do regular oil changes too. More often is better than not for these modern highly strung motors.

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21 minutes ago, Jamiwocki said:

Cheers, yeah it does make sense, I’ll be doing oil changes every 5,000ks, inbetween the log book services of 10,000ks, thanks again👍

Excellent idea for long term ownership and avoid any future issue of burning oil because the rings have got clogged up.

Precisely what I thought was the underlying reason for your question.

I am guessing that you are intending to get the engine oil up to operating temperature then using some decent mechanics gloves and being very careful just do a drain and fill.

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Yep, up to operating temp, and oil filter change at same time👍, a little spend every 5,000ks will hopefully save me some headaches down the track, what are your thoughts on catch cans?, I’m thinking a German made provent

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