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Welcome to the Forum. Can I suggest that you concentrate more upon enjoying driving your recently acquired Sportivo. This should give you the time to consider the areas for improvement and personalization plus be realistic about how many $$$ you realistically want to part with.

If you do some Forum searches then you should find recent posts about what upgrades and modifications are going to be most recommended. I have also found that doing Google searches can produce more targeted results.

Personally, my focus is upon preventative maintenance and safety related items. Therefore, I concentrate upon having a good set of known brand quality tyres suitable for my driving requirements. If your choice is a specific performance tyre e.g. Michelin Pilot 4S then determine what size tyres are available and suitable for your Sportivo. You may need to increase the wheel size. My choice is a touring type tyre with superior wet braking performance to fit the existing standard wheels.

Next focus is upon the brakes particularly the brake pads. There are posts from Forum members about which brands of brake pads that they recommend. I am currently using Bendix Premium brake pads and have both the Hi-Q brand brake pads and Remsa Ultra Ceramic brake pads in my eBay Watchlist for future reference. I have also got braided brake hoses in my eBay Watchlist as an upgrade.

Next focus is upgrading light bulbs and cleaning headlights and glass. I have upgraded the original halogen headlight bulbs to LED ones which are direct plug n play replacement design. A few members have recommended the STEDI brand for LED bulbs so a Forum search will locate their posts.

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4 hours ago, douglasroz said:

Hi guys, new here. Recently bought a second hand sportivo. Really enjoyed driving it and keen to mod it to make it look better so I’ve come here for some good advice.

Hello and welcome Jack. You've come to the right place for advice and the occasional laugh. Not sure which model of Sportivo you have there but I'm sure we'd be able to offer as much information and guidance as possible.

Cheers mate :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the forum Jack, plenty of brilliant minds on here I am sure can help with what you wish to do mate, there are already lots of threads in the Aurion section where others have posted their mods or upgrades so enjoy a read


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