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Upgrading suspsension

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Hi everyone.

I have come to terms that I want a better, smoother ride in my 2016 Corolla. So decided to create this topic to see if some of you in 4 corners of the world have come up with the same idea. Maybe we could share our thoughts and different ways of completing this project successfully.

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4 hours ago, Radetchi said:

I want a better, smoother ride in my 2016 Corolla

To me that is a very subjective statement. You will have to be more specific. Is the current ride too hard/harsh or too soft/bouncy. Is it a situation where you feel that you want to improve the handling without having to replace  the original struts and springs. What is the odometer reading and what is your driving style?

Personally, I like to apex the corners and curves.

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A corolla is probably not the ideal platform for that sumptuous, comy ride you speak of. Corollas have always had a tendency to be on the stiffer side and not considered luxurious or comfortable to a large degree. Trying to soften the existing suspension may just ruin it. I'd either live with it or go to a Camry/Aurion chassis. There you will find Nirvana in the comfort department.

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Well. It's a 2016 hatch. With 100k on the clock. Handling is not my issue. The issue is the original suspension. It's stiff and noisy.

Would be interesting to make it more luxury on a hatch...

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13 hours ago, Radetchi said:

It's stiff and noisy.

You might want to check your suspension bushes then. You can have them checked at a suspension place if you're not sure yourself. If the bushes are worn they can affect the ride and make noises as you described.

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14 hours ago, Radetchi said:

The issue is the original suspension. It's stiff and noisy.

My thought was to get hold of a can of silicone spray and give the suspension bushes a good spray. The next target would be the rubber seating for the springs on the suspension strut. Something else to consider is the tyre pressure. Use the recommended tyre pressure as per the owner's manual for a more comfortable ride. 

Follow up question is whether the original size wheels are still fitted or have been changed to a larger size and tyres with a smaller sidewall height. This would contribute to a harder ride.

If you have 205/55/16 tyres fitted, 215/60/16 tyres with a larger sidewall height should result in a more comfortable ride but you will have to consider to what extent this may impact handling and braking performance. Certainly something that you would want to discuss with a reputable tyre shop as to whether it is a viable option. 

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