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RockerCover Gasket

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What is the Torque for the RockerCover Gasket of a Toyota Corolla?


The details for the Toyota Corolla vehicle is as follows (Model number ZZE122R, 1.8litre vehicle)?

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17 hours ago, Sheriff said:

That means around 11 nm am i right ? 

Yep. 10.8465 nm to be exact.

You can even do it by feel too. You should never tighten it to buggery as it's a rubber gasket. Just enough force to seat and seal it.

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9 hours ago, Sheriff said:

Sure shall i use liquid seal to make the gasket set tight on the cover ?  

No. The gasket material will do the job of sealing all by itself. The only bit of sealant you'll need is at the junction where the timing cover mates to the cylinder head. No where else. Make sure you clean the mating surfaces on both sections with brake cleaner or general purpose thinner. Do both, the groove in the rocker cover and the flat surface of the cylinder head. Follow all these instructions and you'll have done a meticulous job.

If your not sure about where to put the blob of RTF gasket goo, watch THIS video and go to 7:30 for that info.

Cheers mate :thumbsup:

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