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Oil Filter Recommendations


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This is a simple friendly thread regarding oil filters for most Toyota models.


Now people have stuck by Ryco as an aftermarket filter for the longest period, some say genuine is best, in Toyota's case the old Japanese made Denso filters were brilliant, but now being made in Thailand i personally feel the quality isn't there like they used to. I did an interesting comparison, so i brought a genuine Toyota filter from my dealer & i weighed an aftermarket brand i personally swear by because quality is top notch.


I run Mann-Hummel oil filters in all of my cars, also when i was working for Mercedes-Benz, 90% of all filters were Mann-Hummel, which has been the supplier to Mercedes filters for 50+ years. After numerous personal testing myself i can see why the company has such good quality reputations.


I was curious because i noticed the noticeable weight difference between Toyota/Denso & Mann-Hummel 

So... to my suprise the Mann-Hummel filter has more filter media throughout, even at the base. I tapped the bottom of the Toyota filter which sounded hollow, repeated on the Mann-Hummel.... suprise, suprise.... it made a solid thunk because it was filled all the way through.


The photos below show a direct comparison in weight 

Toyota/Denso - 248g

Mann-Hummel - 301g


Now 53g doesn't sound like much, but when it comes to filters, simply more filter media.


I highly recommend Mann-Hummel because not only is the quality there, but the filters are "Made In Germany". Now half of Denso filters are "Made In Thailand"


Denso PN: 90915-YZZD2

Mann-Hummel PN: W 712/83


Ryco PN: Z418 (for simple reference) - The only thing Ryco i use are cabin filters. Wesfil have too much air flow restriction, genuine are nothing special where i personally use the MicroShield cabin filters.

But Toyota used these Z418 spin on filters in ALOT of models.


On a side note

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this stressful 2021 !





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The following is tendered as an alternative suggestion and is not going to be applicable for most owners.

It is more about balancing price and quality for your specific driving conditions.

Over the past 6 years or so, I have been using both genuine and aftermarket oil filter cartridges for my 2GR-FE engine. There is a difference in the oil filter cartridges as to the quality and amount of the element. This is what you are paying for when you buy genuine or quality better than OEM vs cheaper [supposedly] OEM standard ones. In a different thread titled Genuine vs Fake parts, there is a YouTube video demonstrating the better/higher effectiveness of the genuine Toyota filter

My engine is full of oil sludge from the time that I bought it with a dubious service history. Furthermore, as I have posted many times, most of my driving is short distance urban driving approx. 15 minutes so ideal conditions for the formation of oil sludge. Therefore, I do an overkill oil change procedure [in a separate thread] and do it very regularly. My oil change interval is approx. 3000 kms or less depending upon the oil colour. I am DIY and somewhat "price sensitive". Therefore I am not going to use the absolutely best quality oil and oil filters. Very different matter if my engine oil was still a nice amber colour after 5000 kms of mostly highway driving. Then it would be worthwhile to be using the higher quality oil filters and a higher quality engine oil to support an extended oil change interval of either 6 months or 8000 kms.

On a visual comparison basis for the number of pleats in the element and personal experience, I have got acceptable results from the OEMASSIVE brand Made in China. I am basing these "results" upon the amount of sludge particles captured in the element. This brand also recommends that the cartridge be changed by 5000 kms. Guess that you can draw your own conclusions, so presumably not suited for a longer interval.

Planning upon being a longer term owner of my Toyota and DIY for many years to come, I have placed a bulk order on eBay. 48 filters for $105 was the best deal that I had located. Certainly better than a previous purchase of 6 for $22. 


Quantity can have a quality of its own in specific circumstances. Still considering whether to change the oil filter cartridge about mid-way in a planned oil change interval to keep the engine oil cleaner. In the meantime, I will be keeping my genuine oil filter cartridges in reserve until the engine becomes relatively sludge free.

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