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Leather steering wheel cover on VX LC 200 series falling apart

Ian Westwood

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I have a problem with the supposed leather steering wheel cover on my 2017 LC 200  VX landcruiser

falling apart. It looks very much as if it was covered in that fake leather covering like they use on cheap

leather lounges etc.  It has only done 55K kilometers.    Am I the only to experience this problem.  I would

have expected a leather wheel to last almost a lifetime. 

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Photos would be excellent in this scenario.

I know that Toyota have and probably still are using what they refer to as "Leather Accented" trim which is essentially fake leather or synthetic leather. Typically is it more robust than genuine leather but lacks the look and feel of leather. In your case it is possibly real leather but of a low quality and as such has succumbed to the rigours of day to day use.

For myself,  having a degree of detailing knowledge, prevention is always better than the cure. In this case, i would've applied a ceramic coating to the steering wheel along with the rest of the trim very early on. The ceramic coating puts down a durable layer, which is invisible to the naked eye of course, that protects the steering wheel's leather surface from the acid and dirt that comes off your hands. Two of the biggest sources of degradation to leather. You will feel a clammy free, slick feel on the surface indicating the coatings presence and hence the protection it is providing.

If you end up replacing the wheel, let us know and I can steer you in the right direction for a protection product.


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