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3.5l swap into 2.4l hybrid???


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I'm wondering if anyone has, or can for that matter, swap a 3.5l v6 engine into the 2.4l hybrid, or swap the hybrid system into the 3.5l v6 car? I'd love to see/own the v6 with the added hybrid power. I currently drive an old 3.5l v6 Aurion ATX, and it's great, lovely pick up, but I'd so love to drive it with the electric hybrid system added in, to drop the 0-100 down to mid 5s. Perhaps the logistics of this are too hard to be cost effective? I don't want a turbo v6, as I really enjoy the quiet, yet grunty v6, but I'd still like some more power without adding any rev head noise to the system. I know the Kluger has a 3.5l v6 hybrid version, perhaps that could be swapped in as another alternative?

I've searched a lot and found nothing. I'm surprised no one has tried this, unless of course it's just too hard (not understanding how the hybrid integrates or would fit into the v6 car).

Perhaps I'm just ignorant.

Thanks for any insights.


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