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Battery charging system below normal voltage(12.2 v) )

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I have change my battery in Dec , 05 when my 03 stivo was 2.5 years old , i first though that was normal cause batterys life are around 3 yrs but my car have no ungrade stereo system and i drive my car to work daily about 30 kms until i went back to that battery shop today bought another battery for my old car, the staff said to me he can check my old car battery charging system whether it works ok if i bring it in next time, therefore i also asked him to check my stivo at the time i was there cause its free service and i bought the stivo battery from the same shop , so he told me to turn the fan and light on while he was checking in , he said my recharging voltage is down to 12.2 v while is idleing, normal voltage is about 13.8 under load , the battery is only 2/3 of charged , he said thats very unusal , he told to get the auto electrican to check the regulator , does anyone have similar problem with your rolla, thanks !

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The standard Sportivo has a weak style alternator from the factory. Mine was always around 13v under load and 11-12 odd on idle too, then one night I was driving along, my battery light came on, amd bammo....dead alternator and this in turn killed my battery.

I was then advised by my best mate, and auto electrician, that stock alternators in sportivo's are poor quality. This was backed up by the Toyota dealer that replaced it (and the battery) under warranty.

I have had the addition of a custome earthing cable to assist with the earthing of my headlights directly to the battery (and the chassis) as the earth connecting them to the alternator was not sufficient.

Since this, I have found that my reading under load has increased by about 0.5v and not idling in the 13's without load.

Some guys like Silvabullit and Danthuyer have included more earthing cables in their cars.

Just a thought.....



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Sounds like the alternator is 'on the way' Jeff.

Mine alternator died 3 weeks ago...... Just the same as Azza, though my battery is AOK.

The earthing cables sound like a good idea.... As all rollas i know of dim lights with power windows.

The reason the dimming is not completley gone is the puny power cables they run through the doors. I noticed this when fitting my sound system.

The reason???

This should give you an idea: http://www.sme.org/cgi-bin/get-newsletter....EAN&20051011&4&

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So it sounds like by dropping the guage of the wires a size or 2 can save a company tonnes of moolah....

Good thing I got a mate that is an auto electrician. I can feel a re-wire coming on....

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