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Performance Chip

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Hahaha i know this has been shown here before, but they are trying to get even more cunning. If you want a laugh at people stupity, read here Chip

The funniest is there dyno sheet and this comment

Waned to let you know, It got really hot here today, and I had to have the A/C on all day.Normally with my car, and any 4 cylinder for that mater, a huge loss in power is noticed when the A/C is on. Well today was the first day I had the A/C on with the Red Line Chip, and I experienced almost no loss of power. Usually as soon as I flick on the a/c it feels like 5 fat chicks jumped into my car. But not any more!!!! I?m pretty happy with it.
Dear Redline,

I have a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria with a 4.6 liter i have done much work to this car i added dual exhaust ,K&N air filter & Heavy duty spark plugs Thought i had taken the Horse power to the most i could get without a rebuild or major add on

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I swear to *** some people play with their cocks too much. That "Redline Chip" is the biggest **** I've ever seen. Whatever happened to good old fashioned engineering? Fair enought there's a reliance on ECU's, but we all know that decent engineering goes a long way. These guys were idiots if they thought they could get us. Bah.

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Sad part is, as enthusiasts, we're in the minority that has sussed these things out ... there are heaps of other Toyota owners who are going to waste their hard-earned on this crap, that's who these things are aimed at, unfortunately.

Buyer beware!

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