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Car got shut after steering wheel stopped turning and 3 lights on dashboard

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Hi Guys,

Greetings and thank you first for reading my post. 

I bought a 2004 Corolla seca ascent few days ago. 

This is what happened, after night shift in a colder place at Tassie, the car started with unsual vibration and after I reversed the car went 10-15 meters and slowed down with stiff steering wheel and 3 lights on the dashboard ( Check engine, battery and engine oil) then car got shut completely in the middle of the street. 

I got really panic and luckily it turned on back again after restarting but it hesitated to move for a second and then it was okay. 

Exactly same scenario happened again. It started with the reverse first. Normally when I turn on car it starts without any vibration and runs smooth. I kind of drive everyday and it happened only twice so far out of 14 days and it happens normally when car starts with vibration and I know that it is coming.

Battery is new, alternator has been tested and working properly, engine oil is also sufficient.  

 Any idea what it could be ? I am a bit scared and not sure it is safe to drive ? 


Thanks a lot guys.

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Sounds to me like a misfire. That vibration you report when starting it suggests that it's not firing on all cylinders. It could also be a fuel issue too.

Not knowing the history of your car or how it's been serviced, I would have your mechanic check the fuel pressure at the delivery rail and replace the fuel filter if the pressure is below spec.

Also check spark plugs and leads to ensure none are compromised.

The Corolla has a pretty basic engine and are 99% of the time very reliable with regular maintenance. If your maintenance has been neglected, then it won't perform well and what you have described fits the scenario I just described. 

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