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Engine Starving for Diesel


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Hey all, never used this stuff before, so apologies for any errors, omissions or covering of old topics. 

I have a 2006 SR5 Diesel, starts and runs fine most of the time however after driving for some time (about 1hr) it experiences all the symptoms I would associate with fuel starvation. While driving on the F4 (100+) it will cut out, shunt and rattle like the injectors have no fuel. When stopping at lights it will shudder and sometimes stall (injectors rattle also) Starting again takes time like it was self priming At times when accelerating off from lights it will labour to reach speed (like there is a governor fitted). Please note NONE of these symptoms exist on a cold engine or short run?

Fuel is from random places, I have an accessory water trap (no water evident).

I DO also have an issue with the the factory water trap, that being

1. When off the priming pump is firm, when running the pump knob is down and can be lifted up and down (no pressure at all?) Vehicle drives fine until a long drive is attempted.

2. The water light comes on, I check (no water) I drain just to be sure (no water) I reset the light and a day or so later . . . water light comes on?

Has anyone experienced this problem? I have had several mechanics look at it but none can find the problem?

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You checked the pickup in the fuel tank might have a bit of crap that gets sucked up on a long run 

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Sounds like the fuel system is sucking air on the LOW Pressure side, remove primary filters and secondary filter ( IF FITTED ), check and double check that the ' O' Rings have not been pinched, If they look suspect change them out, reinstall them, Lubed with Fresh DIESEL ONLY, do NOT use Grease as you will be introducing a contaminant to the Common Rail, Theres no need to tighten the Sh*t out of the bowls, as a correct sealing o ring will do its job also check all hose fittings to and from filters nipping up clamps as you go, if they look suspect, trim and reinstall ( just make sure theres enough length first.

As fuel is heavier than air, the slightest impairment to a seal will allow it to suck air, such as a perished o ring on the bleeder screw,

If its a faulty fuel pump, its a tank out job, easy enough just time consuming, Just out of curiosity does it do it with a full tank or mainly when it gets down ?? also have you stuck a hose down in the tank and syphoned fuel out, Need to eliminate all you can before thinking its the fuel pump


Sorry for the ramble , could go on for hours regarding diesels, 

Best of Luck

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