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Air Fuel Sensor Replacement

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Hi Gents,

I finally got around to replacing the offending sensor. I'd found a supplier on Ebay who sells the exact same Denso sensor Toyota use, just without the Toyota inscriptions. For that privilege you pay an extra $100. So this one was $258 shipped. Not bad considering.

Yesterday morning was looking like a fine warm start to the day, so I seized the opportunity and set up. Got my tools ready and set to work.



I decided to soak the threads with brake fluid as I do know this works and didn't want to be forcing the socket wrench unnecessarily. I applied it slowly and repeatedly via a syringe and let that soak while I tried to figure out how to disconnect the electrical socket. That took some time to be honest and somehow it just gave after repeated attempts. It's really tight in that area, so removing some of the gadgets around it did help.




The lead is secured to the upper radiator hose and it crossed my mind that I may need to cut that plastic clamp, but luckily I figured that it was reusable by pressing the two tabs either side and the clamp undoes. It turned out to be a ratchet clamp. Happy so far...



No it was time to use the O2 sensor socket. Carefully placed it over the sensor ensuring it is straight and seated I managed to crack it off with minimal effort, much to my surprise, it came off easily enough. 



There was residual crud on the threads which needed cleaning. Looks like the factory anti seize did its job well. I cleaned the threads with the thread chaser tool and I was glad at this point to having purchased it. There was some resistance at first, then after repeated attempts, the tool turned buttery smooth, relieving the thread grooves of the spent anti seize.


I followed this up with a few squirts of brake cleaner and a wipe over. It's now ready for the new sensor.

Turns out the new sensor already comes with anti seize paste already applied to the threads. I found this out pretty quickly after removing the plastic cap they placed over the threads. I didn't pay much attention to it when I purchased it and had gone out and bought some copper anti seize in preparation. Ah well, I can use it elsewhere..

Here's the new sensor prior to installation



Here's the sensor installed.



Now it was time to hook up the vehicle scanner and clear the codes and test.

And.... Much Success !! 







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