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Check AWD system


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Hello fellow RAV4 owners.  We've just purchased a 2nd hand 2013 Diesel AWD RAV4.  We bought it from someone we knew; it's now done 182,000km.  A few weeks ago we noticed a warning on the instrument panel: Check AWD System; engine Malfunction icon was lit, Master warning light was lit, and Slip indicator was lit.  Initially rang the RACV, after stopping the car as soon as we noticed the problem.  They suggested driving to our local Toyota dealer where they checked it out the next day.  Couldn't find a fault, re-set the computer, good for a couple of days.  Checked forums and most suggested it was a problem with the "gas tap" as the Americans call it, we call it a petrol cap.  Not convinced, nor was the Toyota mechanic.  Happened again a couple of days later, but this time accompanied by thumping between first and 2nd gear, and also not moving into top gear.  Back to the local Toyota garage.  This time they suggested the injector driver and # 3 injector were faulty.  As luck would have it, we went to another mechanic - non Toyota, but they must have had a Toyota diagnostic computer which indicated # 3 injector was faulty.  Still not convinced because of the symptoms are not related to fuel issues, but on the third presentation to our local Toyota dealership, we were presented with a quote to repair: $1500 for a new injector driver - none available in Australia had to be sourced in Japan, and $680 for a new injector, plus labor and gasket.  Being pensioners and having spent most of our savings on this 2nd hand RAV, we decided to replace the #3 injector, cost of just over $1000, all up.  A couple of days later, same error code came up, similar symptoms, thumping between gears not just between 1st & 2nd.  With a bit of research I found a 2nd hand injector driver, with 12 month warranty on eBay.  While they were reluctant to fit, the Toyota people did so, for a very reasonable $66.  However within 2 days, error code returned, with similar symptoms with gear changing, and not moving into top gear.  However there was a statement on the last receipt that "error code before repair P 0204 was noted" - injector#4 faulty.   I've been driving diesels for 40 years and never had to replace injectors - had them cleaned, but never replaced.  Local Toyota says they replace them now, rather than clean.  Here's the dilemma - do we spend another $2500 to replace the 3 remaining injectors, hoping that will solve the problem?  If not what recourse do we have?  Why isn't the error code linked to the injectors rather than AWD system?  What life of injectors have other RAV4 diesel owners experienced?  suggested 150,000km I found on the internet.  this would be consistent with this experience.  I note Talbit, a regular contributor to this forum, says the 2.2 diesel in this model is a lemon!  Haven't looked into the oil use issue yet - but I will check the levels more often now!  Chris Sp

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Bit the bullet and organised for the other 3 injectors to be replaced, at a cost of $2600.  I will keep reporting on developments - hopefully there will be none!

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Ouch. That is a raw deal. I probably would've taken it first to a diesel expert and have them clean the injectors and see if this would cure the issue. That excercise would've been way cheaper than Toyota's extortionate "replace everything" approach.

You might have got some bad diesel fuel and inadvertently fouled the injectors. I can't see why a clean wasn't offered first.

3.5k+ later just to do injectors is ludicrous. This is why I hate diesel engines. They're good when they're new, but after they have some decent kays on them, they cost a bomb to maintain. I would've stuck to petrol, even better a V6 2GR-FE version of RAV4 !

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