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2011 Crown Majesta front end noise help please


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Hi All,
i have a URS206 and this front end noise is driving me nuts. i heard it on the test drive about 8 months ago and foolishly ignored it. the dealer was dodging any responsibility so i didnt pursue them.
ive had 4 mechanics look at it and they cant see or find any wear. they did spot split bushes and replaced them though.
but the noise persists.
its a metallic noise like something is worn- has some play in it and it occurs when driving slowly over sharp bumps. its not a rattle but a single clunk. 
at speed its either not evident, or only barely.
i can hear it on the left side mostly, but also to a lesser extent on the right side. And the noise seems worse when the car is slightly accelerating. 

So im thinking that its load related as when there is no load, the noise is loudest. Even when i have a passenger in the left hand seat, the noise is less. 

Because it occurs at slow speed im inclined to think that the issue is related to a vertical motion rather than a vector that is backwards or diagonal.

i have the after market module that allows height adjustment, but have tested it on the lowest and highest settings and in stock setup and the noise doesnt change.
the car has 113,000kms on it and otherwise is sound..although i have to admit that the stereo really sucks,,its either too tonny or too bassy no matter what settings i choose.
but i digress.
im really after some advice from anyone with experience on these cars- perhaps even lexus owners as they have the same/similar front end.
id even be prepared to change the front to a non airbag setup if that makes the problem go away.

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nope. took it to pedders and they can hear it and reckon itll cost me $2k per strut to replace them.

but ive found some that are $1200 each..but thats genuine. was planning to get them to take it out and see exactly what is causing the noise. 

ive got a few mates whoa re into cars much more than i am and they reckon its almost not noticeable, but im a bit of a stickler and it annoys me. 

coilovers are a cheaper option but if its somehting like a dry bush and it can be replaced without having to buy the whole assembly then ill probably do that.

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