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How to fix limp windscreen washer spray jets (2004 Camry Altise)

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My camry windscreen washer spray has been pathetic for as long as I can recall, I get a trickle of water maybe 15cm up the windscreen (just enough that the wipers get wet enough to kind of work).

I see other cars that blast soapy spray all over the windscreen and am frankly feeling jealous and a little inadequate.
Even my mum's old peugeot does an awesome job of washing its windscreen....

I have over the years -
1) Checked all lines for blockages - including pushing water and air through at pressure to ensure they are clear.
2) Cleaned out the reservoir,
3) Cleaned out filter grommet that connects pump to reservoir
4) Replaced pump (professionally at Bill Buckle Toyota, then DIY)
5) Replaced filter grommet with an open grommet without the filter mesh
6) Replaced the spray heads with various versions (mostly ebay cheapies)

I may just be having a bad run of luck with low quality parts...
I feel its a combination of low pump pressure meeting spray nozzles that are too big so they form a stream not a spray pattern.
Could anyone recommend a combination of quality parts known to actually work (that I can order online)?



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The original XV36 sprays should be a "fan" type, not a jet or twin-stream.  I have retrofitted them to my AE102 and they worked fine.



Try connecting the pump outlet directly to the washers with a short length of new hose (will need to remove the bottle for this and sit it up on top of the engine).  If it works fine then, try a length of hose equivalent to what would be running, it is possible that even if the lines aren't blocked that the hose has deteriorated over time and caused the flow/pressure to drop substantially.  If the pressure, flow and spray pattern are fine through the new long hose length, then you know the problem lies somewhere inside the guard and the old hose/connectors need to be replaced

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