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Just chatting with my neighbour who used to be a Taxi driver. I dont know how similar they are, but we know the Aurion is based on the Camry.

He had a 2013 50 Series Camry (2.5L on LPG) he used as a Taxi. He noticed I had bought another car after selling my Falcon XR6. He mistook my XV50 Aurion for a Camry .... I didn't bother trying to explain the differences....

Anyway, apparently he had just sold his Camry Taxi with close to 900,000 klm on it !! He first purchased with 50,000 klm. Reckoned it was still driving great & troublefree. Obviously, been his livelihood, he had to look after it & replace consumables & things that wore out like brakes, bearings etc, when needed, but fundamentally it was still going strong & he reckoned if he had kept it (he was retiring), it would have easily exceeded the 1 million klm mark !

Anyway, made me feel pretty good about Toyota quality & my Aurion - which my wife & I both love :)

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Not to diminish the achievement, but many taxis regardless of brand will rack up hundreds of thousands more ks than the same cars in the general populace, often with few if any major issues.  The way they are operated (very few cold start cycles in comparison to the distance travelled) contributes significantly to this, combined with what is often only one- or two-person ownership over their life as well as instrumental to a livelihood means that maintenance is much more likely to be kept up compared to a relatively apathetic short-term private owner.

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I suppose, in Victoria anyway, thats why the majority of standard Taxis are Camry's (followed by Falcons I believe). I dont think they will choose a brand of vehicle with a poor record of reliability, ease / cost of repairs & servicing etc.

Of course, the more you look after something in general, the longer it should last. That does go without saying & just goes to show what one can expect.

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