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Changing Coolant.

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I have two Aurions. I changed the coolant in one about 6 months ago using the method as seen on the youtube by the Car Care Nut.  I just did it again on the second Aurion.  This time instead of just emptying the radiator on the bottom tap I also attached tubes to the metal pipes on the engine block plugs.  You have to jack the car up to get to these.  The front one is behind the dipstick tube and the rear one is easy to see and get to.  The front one I moved the heatshield for the manifold, but did not take the 02 sensor out.  The front one is difficult to get to. The surprising thing to me was that I got nearly 5 litres of coolant out of the rear block tap.  I carefully measured it all into buckets and got more than 7 litres out of the system.  This included about 300ml out of the overfill plastic tank.

The car care guy goes thru a great video of purging the system which works great.  I read in my Haynes manual for the car about the two engine block taps.  Haynes also suggests removing the thermostat and flushing water thru with a garden hose via the radiator hose.  I did not do that but I did put 2 x bottles or radiator flush in and drove for half an hour then came back let it cool and then jacked it up and emptied all that fluid.  I then filled it up with brand new toyota genuine fluid from the dealer which was cheap.  Then went thru the air bleeding which works exactly like he says it does.  I purchased the container with the special radiator caps from amazon as he links to his video. Works well.  I changed the oil at the same time and filter.  I do oil changes now at 7500 km and use Mobil 1 full synthetic.  I managed to buy some in bulk recently on special and use it in the other Aurion and another car which takes the same oil grade.

Just thought I would  share my experience about using the engine block taps.  You use a 10mm spanner to undo them and there is about a 25mm long 8mm spigot or pipe that you attach a hose to which i fed into a container under the car.  It is a bit time consuming but I think worth it if you want to fully change the fluid out of the  whole system not just a portion of it.

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That was kind of you to post up Brad. Thanks for the tips.

I am planning to do mine pretty soon and as always, like to take photos and post up a nice little DIY for others to see for themselves and hopefully take something from it.

You did good to get that much coolant from the block. It's important to get as much of the old stuff out as possible and even try to flush more out where possible.

The system takes around 9lt if I'm correct, so you got pretty close. I would always recommend to drain the block and try to flush more out. For the flushing process, I've purchased a stash of demineralized water for the flushing as opposed to using the garden hose. I wouldn't flush with tap water. It's too contaminated in my opinion, not to mention the minerals you end up introducing into the engine. 

I've been meaning to get under it and investigate those drain bungs before I attempt the work. This is my pre planning stage so I can be ready to go on any given day.
Have all the necessary tools, apparatus, fluids and prior knowledge ready so there's no issues.


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