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Toyota Allex - Exhaust

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Hi all, for the Toyota Allex (2004, 1.8l, 1zz-fe), does anyone know which sport exhaust might fit?

Just looking to upgrade that for now, and my budget is under $1000.

I’m not looking for anything loud in particular. 

I’ve seen one on magnaflow for the corolla (2003-2006), but my passenger side is on the left and the muffler is on the right…..

would appreciate any input/help.


off topic: could you guys please tell me what you think would be the best rims/wheel sizes I should get for my car?


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The exhaust shouldn't really be an issue, you should be able to get any muffler and simply do an axle back system. Magnaflow are one of the best muffler brands around yes while they do cost a lot, I've heard nothing but great feedback in terms of quality and sound. If you don't want something too loud an axle back will give some noise but it depends on what style muffler you get. If you get something like a cannon style muffler without the silencer it will be much louder.

Depending on what your end goal is, a good set of 16" wheels fit nicely on our cars. You can go as wide as 7" without the need to roll/lip the rear guards and 8" will fit all round but requires the guards to be rolled/lipped in the rear to avoid serious scrubbing.


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