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How to diagnose central locking issue with Camry Sportivo 07


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Hey everyone,
Hope you've had a great start to the year.

I'm looking for your advice on an issue I have with my mum's Camry Sportivo (2007).
In both cases of using either the fob/manually locking the driver door, it only locks the front driver door, and leaves all the others doors unlocked.
The only way to lock them is to manually go in and lock them using the key - with the exception being the front passenger door, which has to be locked manually from the inside (by going back into the car via the driver's door).
From my research, it could be either an issue with the key fob, the fuses/wiring or the door actuators.

Is there any way to systematically and methodically diagnose the issue to find out what exactly is causing it? I have access to a multimeter as well as an ODB, just in case either of them help diagnose the issue.


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