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is it posible to swap a ecm on my 93 Paseo to a 94 Paseo?


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I cant find parts for my car. Many parts are discontinued, so i want to know if i can swapped them. Mainly its my throttle body assembly that includes the idle control valve, the one i have is discontinue here in CA, USA.


IAC is on the paper plate 

the throttle body i cannot find anywhere. well at least a better one. 



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I'm not a Paseo expert, but from the limited options you're facing, I would try and fit the '93 part to the '94 and see if it works. 

You mention ECMs in the title then go onto ask about a throttle body, so not sure exactly what it is you need.

I would just try and fit the replacement item and see if it works. Not sure about ECMs though. I suspect this may need to be assigned to the chassis ??

Hopefully others who have more knowledge on this era of Toyota can shed some more light for you. 

I wish you well with it.

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