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Average Fuel consumption display

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Is there any way to reset this? I know it resets when you refuel but is there a way to manually do it? I changed the front rotors and pads(DBA T2 - Recommend them so far) yesterday and it reset my L/100km. Is that due to the fuel level changing in the tank due to being jacked up?


EDIT: Also to hijack the topic anybody aware of any decent weathershields? I can only find ebay specials which Im not sure of and the genuine ones I can only find for the front and id like a full set.

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Hey bud. I don't have an answer to the fuel reset for the 40 series Aurion as I don't have that model. In the 50 series there is a "DISP" button on the steering wheel which when pressed does reset the fuel consumption data. Not sure how the 40 series is set up.

If you're looking for weather shields, I too was searching for a set way back for my 50 and ended up with Genuine Toyota ones. They're ok. I wouldn't say they're the best because they are from Toyota, but that's what was available at the time. The aftermarket ones were all to suit 40 series only.

This seller    had the ones I would've preferred for the 50 but they only do them for the 40. The nice part of these is that they have the stainless steel trim that follows the trim on the door frames. The others usually don't. That's what I was hoping to find for my 50. The Toyota ones aren't stainless, but the plastic chrome like trim they have usually fades in the sun and polishing tends to bring them back up. Mine have faded again and will need another spruce up. 

With those in that link, you don't have to worry about the chrome fading as it has metal in them.

Good value for money too. Also, I don't think Toyota stock those for the 40 series anymore.

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Hi Chris, Have tried many combinations of buttons on our "Faye" too no avail mate, so I have no idea if you can reset the display for fuel consumption. I know on refilling it goes up greatly as air has entered the tank and comes down fast when driving any distance, so I don't bother much I just keep an eye on it and when it gets up around 11L/100klm as most of our outings is local 50kph zones, I take Faye out and try to go for a 80/90 kph run and it comes back down to around the usual 8 L/100 - 9 L/100klm. Good luck on the weathershields and maybe post some pics of them fitted.


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Turned out the weathershields Tony linked was really close to me so I went and picked some up today. They feel really good quality have a metal hook on the fronts that tuck into the door(not sure if thats a standard feature with weathershields or not) and fit really well. They suppled extra glue which can be used in addition to the 3M strips but I didn't bother. In hindsight I should've washed the car first as they need some time to set apparently. They look decent, put a few pictures incase anybody else was after some too.




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They look great ! Glad you're happy with them. What I liked most was the stainless steel trim along the top edge which provides the continuity over the original door frame trimming.

The dark plastic should also provide good shade from the sun.

I do recall there being metal hooks in the Toyota Genuine Kit too. The just provide more stability and help reduce movement over time. The hooks fit into the bailey channel of the window frame.

I would've bought a set for myself at the time I was looking but they only had them for 40 series cars. I ended up having to buy the Genuine Toyota shield kit. I suspect they have them now for 50 series.

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They look great Chris, TY for the photo's as well and I have a set on my wishlist for "Santa" this year hope she reads my 30 notes placed all over the house LOL


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