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2020 Camy Hybrid EV battery problem.


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Hi All, i have an odd problem with the EV battery. First time it happened was 2 months ago, the car felt like it was holding back when coasting and the brake pedal was hard then soft and the EV battery was taking a long time to charge to even 4 bars on the dash, normally I can get it to 4-5 bars all day long no problem. The engine was starting way more than usual, even on takeoff as soon as i touched the accelerator, and even when i did get 4 bars it would be gone in 200m or so. I'm an Uber driver so i have learnt how to get the best out of the system, AVG 3.9 klm/L.  This went on for 4-5 days i booked it in to Toyota and the day before it went in i was on a freeway onramp and had to brake for a corner and the brake pedal pulsated after that the car was back to normal in fact was running better than ever! Took it to the dealer anyway, no codes nothing.


So yesterday it started doing the same thing. Battery taking way longer to charge, strange brake pedal etc. i even took it down a long 1klm hill and got the battery up to 5 bars and used EV mode on a dead flat road and within a few hundred meters it was down to 3 and the engine kicked in.

Car has 70000 klm on it.       Anybody got any ideas?  P.S battery filter is clean and i have the A/C directed at the intake under the back seat.

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