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Broken turbo


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I have a 1993 twin turbo Supra that had one of its turbos blow its insides out and now I have a single turbo machine that isn't going anywhere fast. :(

I have been told by the Toyota mechanic that both turbos will need to be replaced, as the remaining good one has a high probability of failure when a replacement for the broken one is fitted.

Not that I don't believe what the mechanic is telling me, but is this accurate and secondly is there a reputable supplier of non-Toyota turbos that are suitable for this car (and hopefully a lot cheaper) and is there a supplier of general replacement parts available locally, that being Melbourne.

I can get genuine parts ex-Japan, but would rather source them locally if I can.

Any help and advice very much appreciated.

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Not sure if it would be worth getting fixed at all??

Might be cheaper to just buy a used stock turbo off someone???

Check out:


3) Twin Turbo Setup from Jap JZA80 - Bought it 1.5 years ago thinking I would replace my current setup once it died. Well it never died. So I still have it. I was told by the previous seller the turbo has been reconditioned with steel blades (by a local turbo place who's name escapes me). There is no shaft play I can detect and the blades spin freely. Looks in fantastic condition. The turbo setup comes with the manifold and actuators. NO VSV. I foolishly paid $1500 for the set. NB HEAVY

$850 ONO

4) Rear turbo from Twin Setup CT12B - Bought this about 2 years ago to have as a spare. No detectable shaft play.

$250 ONO

That might help ya... And that guy is in Melbourne! ;)



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Hi there, rather than pay for a new turbo have you concidered getting the broken one repaired and upgraded?

Will cost a little extra but you could get 360 thrust bearing fitted etc which will allow the stock turbos to run up to 22psi (1.5bar) boost.

Over here in the UK we have a handful of companies that do this, not sure about your side of the globe but there must be good turbo companies somewhere.


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