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Removing low beam bulb 2014 Camry


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I apologise if this is an idiotic question--I've searched and watched dozens of videos on how to replace a burnt out bulb, and i'm fine with it (i've even done it before, though it was years ago). the problem is that I can't seem to get the bulb out of the 'plug'/base--it seems that that is too blindingly obvious to be explained or shown on camera.

I can't remember what I did last time I replaced a bulb... I don't know if I have to push something on the fitting to release it, if i have to twist it, or just yank really hard. I've applied as much strength as I dared, but am afraid of breaking something if i try to brute force it out.

I could just pay $15 for someone at supercheap to pop it out and replace it for me but it's become a matter of principle at this point... I'm unwilling to admit defeat. The photos below are from a different post on this forum, but they're the same exact kind of bulb/fitting i'm struggling with...

Any tips would be much appreciated. My wife is getting really annoyed with me because we can't drive at night but i'm too stubborn to pay $15.  Thanks!






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Fitting on the headlight bulb appears to be the usual twist to release and lock.

Definitely do not try to brute force the removal because you will definitely break something like the headlight housing.

Suggest that you use some WD-40 and have a real good look at the existing bulb using a mirror and a good light source. Then have a few wiggles attempts to loosen the existing bulb so it can then be removed.

If this does not work, then time to be smart and not stubborn. Far better to pay a $15 fitting fee than the exorbitant cost to replace a damaged headlight assembly.

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Thanks, Mate - i'll give it a go. As you say, $15 is better than replacing a damaged headlight (not to mention the aggravation).

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