Black Headlight Surround Mod

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here's my progress for the ZRE's Headlights






used a heat gun to open up the headlights took about an half an hour to remove the casing both chrome bits are now sprayed black, im just about to head out now to get another can of paint so far only spent about $45, will get more pics up when it is complete


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Hey guys, im in the process of writing up a comprehensive guide on how to do this safley and easily with the correct tools. Stay posted

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Can someone repost this?

The links don’t seem to work anymore, I've been planning to do this to mine for months

Though I've only found threads and other stuff about this stuff going wrong, people leaving there lights in while the ovens on by mistake etc. having their lights melt to piece LOL!! Sorry... I shouldn't laugh I know...

I know eviltwin is in the process of writing up a more comprehensive thread for this, but if anyone has links or any info on how I can do this without having it screw me over, I'd much appreciate it :)


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