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Thinking of buying TCR10R GLi 1997?

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Hi everyone.

I'm thinking of buying an automatic, TCR10R GLi 1997 Tarago. It has nearly 240000kms, and I'm wondering if there are any gotchas to watch out for? And what things are there to watch out for in terms of future big costs? eg:

* How many kms does the engine or transmission usually last for? I was a bit worried when I saw a few Taragos on ebay which said they needed their engine replaced at much less kms. Are there signs a mechanic can tell if the engine or transmission are on their way out?

* Are there other big ticket items to be aware of?

* What is the fuel consumption like?

*What do you think resale value would be like in 2-3 years?

BTW Currently I have an old 86 DX. It wasn't a really good buy. Bought it 4.5 years ago, and it wasn't really a good idea. It had about 262k when I bought it, and I ended up putting a new engine in about 275k, and now at 328k the transmission is pretty bad. That is why I am a bit cautious :-) Also the fuel consumption on my 86 is pretty bad. Around town we only get about 6km per litre. I'm hoping the 97 model will do a bit better...


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