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My headunit stuffed its self.

When surround was on it had no sound at all, turn surround on and it has sound.

It BS, every week something goes wrong.

Did you see my brake lights :spiteful:

ive seen it! nice

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haha offzide, spotted you too mate, looking clean! Merry christmas!

Spotted RO-11-ER On City West Link Rd entering Victoria Rd at around 11:30pm - 12:00am earlier.

Posted Images

not sure if ive posted these pics already.. dont think i have.


this 1 was spotted at westpoint blacktown. it had queensland plates i think? picture was dated 19/7/08.

kit was slightly damaged when i saw it. no apparent window tint so you can see all the mods that were done inside pretty much. nice seat covers, i think it had aftermarket head unit and gearknob.

and this one.. which ive spotted numerous times up and down plumpton/rooty hill


this pic was taken 28th october 2008 was going up on hyatts rd plumpton, near the marketplace. note the altezzas with the fog lights connected to the breaks. also has a hoodscoop... i think?! body kit etc. looks to be an asian female driver. pujo is this you?

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I keep seeing a stivo with plates AT 6888 in my street. KT668, this isn't your relative is it?? :P

Nah it isn't, but I can almost guarantee that it is an Asian driver... by the look of the digits used. =)

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spotted black pre facelift sportivo with rear sportivo lip, eyelids and sports grill which really could do with a wash parked at canley heights,

also spotted a white prefacelift levin with sports grill which looked sexually clean parked in canley heights, these were around 10:30am

spotted red facelift with rear sportivo lip and i think the c-one front bar, the car was sex on wheels i swear, saw it cutting through liverpool, tried catching up >_< but got cut off at lights

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i keep seeing moussa sportivo at my uni!! is he on here or what? finaly saw what the driver looked like the other day!

is he wog looking?/?

ummm yeah

ahhh hes name would be john! had those plates on a bema before. use to go to my highschool

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