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  2. Hi everyone, I've got a Hilux KZN165 2003. Its done 230,000km. I've had a bit of trouble with this car, bought it not too long ago. Bummer The current issue is its slow acceleration, it feels like there is no turbo, or maybe slower than no turbo. I've had the mechanic look at it and he reckons its the fuel injector pump which will land me with a $3,000 bill. I'm not 100% convinced that's actually the problem as I've looked up symptoms and I don't get all of them. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've just had the throttle body replaced, its not the muffler (I took it off for a while and it made no difference) I don't know a lot about cars, mostly learned from everything that's gone wrong with mine 🙂 My previous hilux was written off, but it had the same motor and went MUCH better. It starts fine, no smoke, idles OK. In the morning its really slow to take off and if its on an incline its hard not to stall as there is just not a lot of power to make it go. I don't know if its slowly gotten worse or if my patience is running out. When the engine is up to temp its a bit better. Long hills kill it, when I'm in 5th gear going up a hill and change down to 4th nothing more happens, no more power is given. It goes fine on flat and down hill, can get up to speed fine. Hates towing a load up any sort of incline, sometimes having to change down to 2nd gear to get up a hill on a normal road that cars go 110km up I've changed the fuel filter, oil, diff oil, gear box oil, trans oil There is a faint airy whistle that my other hilux didn't have, but none of the mechanics seem to be worried about it I don't think the fuel consumption is worse Any pointers would be great, I don't want to fork out 3k if I don't need to. As I said before I don't know a lot about cars so if you could make any suggestions easy for me to understand that would be fantastic. Thanks everyone, Tamar
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  4. Hiro

    Hiro's AE102

    Don't think MWR offer a crank pulley anymore (apart from factory Toyota or generic aftermarket QRP), but I know better than to go for unbalanced billet crank pulleys anyway. Although annoyingly just after I bought these ones one of the guys I know in America pointed out that there's a Dayco overrun decoupling alternator pulley - not really much benefit in power (since it isn't under-driven) but better response changing gears and improved belt/tensioner life since it removes the inertial effect of the alternator when lifting off.
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  6. Squalled

    Hiro's AE102

    Nice update Ian! Those MWR pulleys really liven up the response on the 2ZZ, luckily you didn't get the crank one as that causes some pretty major issues from what I've seen.
  7. Hey everyone Have 2008 kluger grande Running version 14 of sat nav whereis disc Anyone tell me an easy way to update Or if anyone has a later version disc In Gatton area of Qld
  8. Wallybrit

    John Wallis

    I am trying to upgrade the headlight bulbs on my 2016 Camry Altise. Although I can get at the drivers side bulb, it is impossible to remove the passenger side as the fuse and relay box is so close, giving only about 1" of room to get my hand in. The problem is made worse as there is a plastic cowl round the back of the headlight. I can get the rubber cover off but that's it. Also, what is the square plug with 4 wires between the high and low beam lights.
  9. I am trying to upgrade the headlight bulbs on my 2016 Camry Altise. Although I can get at the drivers side bulb, it is impossible to remove the passenger side as the fuse and relay box is so close, giving only about 1" of room to get my hand in. The problem is made worse as there is a plastic cowl round the back of the headlight. I can get the rubber cover off but that's it. Also, what is the square plug with 4 wires between the high and low beam lights.
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  11. Wanting some knowledge for EPB (Electronic Park Brake) removal and disassembly. I wanted to paint rear calipers and wanting to completely remove rear calipers for better paint results. Im aware of putting it on Neutral, put on acc then put park then turn off car completely to disengage EPB. However im not really confident on using this way. Anyone who have done EPB removal before im kindly asking for some advice and knowledge. Thanks!
  12. Regarding the Bluetooth Streaming, you buy the bluetooth fm transmitter, connect phone with internal speaker of car. It fits car since 1990 You can buy from ebay with cheap price. Picture is attached as below
  13. Hey ya David Yeah they look really sharp those Zio's & very nice to drive. I nearly bought a 2011 Zio came really close but grabbed a Blade Master with same running gear instead & as the wife keeps telling me I made the right choice LOL. Very strong motor and I'm still in the 10.3kpl running around town took a trip last week to my daughters Blade gave me 11.7kpl I'm happy.
  14. Hiro

    Hiro's AE102

    So that's how things stood at the start of this year.....basically nothing has happened since. Still got to pull the shifter cables out of the Celica shell (which requires disassembling most of the dash) along with some of the body harness (for the engine bay fuse box) but in the meantime I've started hoarding parts for the eventual conversion. First things first - some tools, and something to put them in. Been wanting a decent roll-cab for ages but never really had enough to fill it, but eventually got sick of all my stuff being scattered between two separate toolboxes, a builders-bag, and the floor, so I snagged one of the limited edition Mighty Car Mods roll-cab set when they went on special. Knew we bought a hatch for a reason... Then decided it was time to make the swap from Ryobi One+ to Milwaukee, much better tools as well as being smaller (with inline batteries too, much better for engine-bay/undercar work). Got a 1/2" power ratchet, 1/2" stumpy impact wrench and a 13mm hammer drill (for house stuff). Also just picked up a 1/4" hex-chuck impact driver for the small stuff (not pictured) Then came the parts hoarding. First up was a plug-n-play Adaptronic E440d ECU modified by Kaizen Garage, which Jason Purcell had running in his AE82 2ZZ race car. This will allow be to do away with the factory immobiliser, run a bigger intake without the factory MAF (has onboard MAP sensor), as well as tweak lift and redline rpms to my liking (not to mention being able to support bigger cams). Next was a bunch of little bits and pieces to try and spark my motivation again - a 6-speed TRD ball shift knob (from the Tacoma/FJ Cruiser), height perfectly suits the MWR short shifter. Also got the MWR underside WP and ALT pulleys for some extra bling, a 77° TRD thermostat, Speed Source extended slave cylinder pushrod, and an MWR MR2 2ZZ engine mount adaptor. Along with that I also sourced the RH engine mount from a 4ZZ Euro ZZE111, so between that and the MR2 adaptor I should have something close to built-in. Next up will probably be clutch/flywheel, and maybe start looking at cams (but that opens Pandora's Box, because then I'll need valve springs, then might as well get new stem seals, then might as well get new valves, which means the head has to come off etc etc) On, and the Celica shell is a bit breezy now too... by Ian Rigby, on Flickr
  15. Was looking at getting a 2019 corolla SX but the wheels on those models look crap especially in comparison to the 18 inch rims on the ZR. Does anyone know if its possible to order a set of the 18 inch ZR rims from Toyota or is it possible to get a set anywhere else? thanks
  16. Zeefox76

    Celica ZR

    I got thr front under body guard liner set for a zzt celica and a front strut brace ... Message zee on 0481880022 if interested
  17. Hey peeps i hope every celica owner is in good spirits .... I have the full front under body set of guard linerz for sale if your looking for one ... Protects your engine and underbody from dirt and pebbles.... I also have a front strut brace Contact me zee on 0481880022 If you need one of these
  18. Hmm well i am listening too van morrison "moondance" right now..... but I am not posting it your attached thread as it looks weird..... not even opening it!!
  19. Mardo

    "Bluetooth error"

    My bluetooth functionalityis not working at all. I go to setup then select bluetooth....all i get is "bluetooth error" Any advice to fix this
  20. Similar to random entry threads such as Word Association and Million number countdown. Please post the tune you are listening to at this exact moment. Not what you heard yesterday, or what you think is a good song... Song that is being played as you are posting in this thread -
  21. One of My Gripes with the C-HR was the Auto Door Locking feature was not available, with our past 2 cars, we had grown used to all four doors locking as you drove off for first time and upon reaching 20kmh the doors would lock, then unlock when shift to Park From this forum a member supplied a link to a UK Toyota Forum where you could purchase an OBD Auto Door Locker from Rakutan Share - Style Store in Japan, i made inquiries with them and found out it was for the HYBRID model only. Rakutan Share - Style Store in Japan have now Developed in conjunction with Valfee Japan a Device that is suitable for Both Gasoline and Hybrid Models. I have purchased this device and it works perfectly as described, Very Simple install by plugging into the OBD Port under the Dash Cost was $100 including shipping and was delivered to me within 1 week, i am now a very happy Man Link: If you use Chrome as your browser it will translate the pages making it easier to Navigate your way through the Site Cheers
  22. yes there is you may get that, and how many tools do you have? you may find some place on the back of the car.
  23. What help do you need for that? If the bumber is totaly damaged so you may get that from ebay or amazon.
  24. Hi, I know this is an old post but did you manage to wire these footwell light in.Ive just bought a presses 2008 and it had these original Toyota led light in a box in the boot.I think the previous owner never got them installed.I was just wondering where you connected them under the glove box etc. It may of been to long now but any help will be appreciated.Thanks
  25. Hey All, I'd like to show you all my 2nd corolla ae112 csx that i've owned after my first one met its end with a power pole... After having no car for 7 months due to loosing my license from the accident, I went on the search and started looking for something reliable, modern car features, economically friendly and i came across another ae112 csx corolla & couldn't resist After looking at the car the following day, deposit was made Details of car is as follows 1999 csx Toyota corolla Only 2 previous owners, me being the 3rd 140,xxxkms 5 Speed Manual Comes with all the standard features that the csx came with that includes (Disc brakes all round, power windows, ect) but it also came with a Sunroof!! Modifications already done to the car from previous owner/ Myself Engine Custom CAI 2.25" exhaust from manifold back leading too blast pipes Interior Alpine Sound system (including tweeters, front speakers, rear speakers and 12" sub in boot) Trd Seat covers (from my previous car...) Jasma Short shifter Exterior De badged rear end Black Front grill 120 Narvara driving headlights White LED Rear number plate lights 4% window tint Wheels Rota grids 16x8+10 with 195/45/16 chinese tyres (will be replaced with ku31s) Front has -1.5 camber Rear has -2.5 camber Suspension Coilovers 8kgs fronts, 6kgs Rear 22mm Whiteline rear swaybay New bushes throughout the rear of the car Whiteline F&R camber bolts Bad points of the car - Paint on the bonnet, roof, side mirrors and tail gate is pretty bad, but hopeing to rectify this once i recoup from some bills - Car is quite a tad low for my liking so hopeing too raise it in the coming days and also get the guards rolled as well.. I'am quite happy with how the car is at the moment and don't plan on doing that much too it until i get my blacks, apart from tidying up the bad points of the car.. Future plans - Ultra Racing strut brace - Replace the bushes in the front end
  26. Hello I would like to introduce myself my name is jay & I own a 1984 Celica RA65 XT. When I purchased this car in 2012 it was a beautiful running good condition vehicle with the dream of turning into a drift car. So hear we are in 2017 & my beautiful car is not so good. So the story goes like this. I am self employed with an extremely low income with a family, so money is tight most of the time so we make do with what we've got. Lets just say building a drift car is going to take some time. So back to the car, all was going well, I was keeping the car in good condition starting & running it every couple of weeks so i decided to star on the turbo convertion. I already had a turbo I purchased for a previous project that was scraped so I built myself a custom turbo manifold & put the turbo on th 22re, plumbed it all in with an intercooler & there you go one turbo 22re Celica happy days & then one day I went to start it up & no go. So is started to look at the obvious things(air, fuel, spark). I found there was no fuel & no spark. So I call an auto elec & got him to look at fixing the problem but he had no idea what was wrong with my car, I was deverstated all that work to put a turbo on my car had it running & then just would start. Well I wasn't going to stop there I was determined to get this car running again so I diced to remove all the problem parts & get all new ones. So I got some 3sgte fuel injectors, a megasquirt 2 ecu & wiring harness with a trigger wheel & Hall effect sensor to see if we could get the 22re pos running. But after 2 years of tryng to get that engine running again & having owned the car for 5 years I made an excecutive decition & romoved the 22re engine & w55 gearbox to try something new. So after watching an episode of mighty car mods (10 second sleeper) I spoke to my best mate & asked him what he was doing with the old Ford EB XR6 manual he had sitting in his back yard & explained what I wanted to do so he told me its mine. So this is where the story gets real interesting I now have a 1997 Ford EL engine bolted to a1991 EB XR6 5 speed sitting in the front of my Celica. This project has just started so I thought I would invite you take a look & follow me as the progress continues. THANKS HUNGNS35
  27. Hey guys, just wondering if use can help me out, I had a hit and run on me last week. And I need a rear bumber bar for my 2005 carmy sportivo? If you guys can help me out, it will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  28. Had a similar one, after a while the screen would flicker and degrade. Ended up getting one of these and haven't had a issue. I have a Aurion 06 Sportivo ZR6, and it fit straight in, plug n play.
  29. I made a post about headunits and I've since come across these eBay headunits. They fit great and look factory which I much prefer. Being generic and not a brand name unit I'm just wanting to see if anyone has had any bad experiences using these. Unit in question Cheers!
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