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  2. Hi i have a 2012 Toyota Aurion engine for sale that has only done 1200kms and has sat in my shed for years (i was doing a 2grfe swap on an MR2 but my situation changed) i also have the computer and a few other things for it. it is located within the wimmera area postcode 3393 and will need to be picked up by the buyer. i dont have a way to lift it so bring a crane. $3000 Please call or text me on 0474442953 thank you
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  4. Hi all I’m in the market for an Aussie delivered ST205 GT4. Must be 1 of the 77 delivered to Australia. Not interested in imported ones. If you have one or know someone that owns one, please let me know so we can have a chat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I broke the driver's side tail light (the one in the quarter panel) on my 2018 Kluger GXL AWD. No one seems to have this part. The only dealer that responded Sydney City Toyota quoted $681 and 2 weeks lead-time ex Japan. Any ideas?
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  7. Such an interesting model that can be added into the list of highly sold.
  8. Such an exclusive variant of radio. Wanted to have such also


    I bought the head unit from China Manufacture Factory. I couldn't find any model for the head unit as there is no label, name attach in the head unit. The screen is 10 inch and the price is less than $500 include delivery. I fit it myself. You have to reconnect the reverse camera wire because the wire for the reverse camera is not correct in the head unit. The head unit support steering wheel controls and build in microphone, GPS, videos, music, YouTube. It also support apple carplay through usb (have to buy usb android apple car play device), wireless wi-fi and Bluetooth. I have attached photos of apple car play and led light in the front of my car build by myself.
  10. I am about to purchase a 2011 Aurion zr6. During the inspection today, I found a pool of water inside the boot(left side of the spare tyre). After browsing on webs, decides to buy the car. The deposit has been placed. Ending up having a $500 "bargain". $10200 for mileage of 120000. Please, don't tell me I am in big trouble having the boot leaking. I remember that I haven't found any obvious rusty bit when I inspect the car, so wouldn't be too late to save the car. right? Help, if anyone has gone through the same thing. What should I do with it? Can i fix it myself? rainy season at Adelaide here now. Don't really want to get my pants wet while driving. lol.
  11. or Might be able to help you with being able to search by the VIN
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  13. No worries mate 😄. I'll try to do a bit more research before doing anything .
  14. Not exactly sure if I just continue on in here or start a new topic. Well had my car about a week now done a few Ks & still amazed how economical the little beast is its still running at 10.9Ks/Ltr. Don't think I'm treating it with kid gloves because as you know everyone likes to find out how his or her car goes. I have been over the TON (160kph) twice now & am amazed how this little car can be so gentle around town even when the wife is driving it & a rocket when needed or just being a smart **** lol. Worst thing about this car is the colour BLACK shows everything but hey looks a million bucks. Couple of things that might make you smile. 1: setup my mirrors to suit and as I backed out of the driveway I looked at the left hand mirror saw that it was facing down so fiddled with the control & nothing thought crap its broken bummer. Went down the road noting mirror was back in place worked out when you put it in reverse it shifts so you can see the bottom side of the car and path felt like a real womble LOL. 2: Went out for pizza Friday night great lights can see every insect & animal having their way with others of their kind hm got carried away there lol. Anyway got to the shops hopped out of the car and it wouldn't lock just beeped at me tried several times thought now what duhhhhhhhh can't lock the car if the keys are inside. I can see its going to take me awhile to find all the ins & outs. Worked out all the dash stuff now as its in both languages so easy as & the radio screen was replaced with an English 1 by the last owner so today sat in it and watched a DVD Rambo 4 hahahaha. Oh yeah 1 of the things I read in the forums B4 I bought the car was those with Blades run them on 91 so my mates that have Toyota's of different models all run the same 91. Hope once again it amuses you if you read it.
  15. Hey Dennis. Sure hope you get some help for your lights. Seems to have a lot of traffic flow through the site, but I'm new as well and have not seen a lot of help replies in what I have read so far. Guess you don't have a manual that could help you figure it out sorry dude just maybe you need an auto electrician. I'm old school car man until now & I lift a bonnet check water & oil etc now shake my head at all the gizmos & drop the hood lol.
  16. Hi there . Owner of Toyota Yaris 2007 Hatchback and Corolla 2008 Sedan . Always looking to learn something new about my cars . Willing to share my knowledge should any of you guys need it . Cheers
  17. Hi everyone Hoping someone can help me out here . Trying to install fog lights on Yaris 2007 Hatchback that I got from ebay . They are marked as TY170A or something like that . Everything is included pretty much switch,relay wiring etc... Would really appreciate if someone can guide me how to properly install this . My Yaris is not pre-wired for fog lights . I have some basic knowledge where to to connect wiring but here it seems that there is more plugs to be plugged somewhere and I'm not sure . Any help would be really appreciated .
  18. Loving the look of them! Are these still available? If so, what is the location for pick up?
  19. I know its been a while, but I only just got around to finishing this project. As previously mentioned pin# 18 is the pin controlling the display options on the cluster for the steering wheel controls. However this was not included in our factory harness, so you will need to run an extra cable from the plug to the spiral cable and match it up with the pinout for the steering wheel controls (Sounds scarier than it is). The biggest issue I had was that the cluster I had (pictured above) was for a manual. So the AVG fuel consumption, range etc was all reporting incorrectly, I've now replaced it with an automatic version of the same type and economy etc is now all working as expected. For those wanting to go the full hog, you will need; - Type B cluster to suit your vehicle (Auto/Manual) - Steering wheel with media buttons. The one I am using is from the UK version of the RAV4 which is the same as the 2009-2012 Corolla in Australia. The local Corolla ZRE controls were mostly missing the phone and voice buttons but the display button is present on the right side. - Cable to run from the cluster to the spiral cable For those wanting the cheaper alternative you will need; - Type B cluster to suit your vehicle (Auto/Manual) - Steering wheel controls from US market RAV4 Steering wheel. This option will leave you with the original and dare I say more 'bland' wheel). - Cable to run from the cluster to spiral cable The main difference in cost is going to be the entire replacement and importation of the steering wheel/controls. If you don't care about the more 'sporty' wheel then scoring some US controls that include the display button will be cheaper. Unless of course you can score an entire wheel/button from the local corolla cheaply. Quick Video showing it installed. For some reason range didn't work until the tank was topped up.
  20. Hi all, This is my first post but a bit of a long one I have owned my 2018 Camry SL Hybrid for about a year or so now. It is a great car but I have an issue which is really starting to annoy me now. The alarm keeps going off. It doesn’t do it all the time but it keeps going off randomly. It started back in January this year, before then it never did it. It happened again yesterday when my wife was in important meetings 3 times. The car has been back to my local dealer now three times but of course the alarm never goes off when it’s there. I have spoken with the auto electrician there but it shows no faults through their diagnostic equipment. They have no idea. Dash doesn’t show a door or boot, bonnet open which apparently will set it off ( I set up a go pro in the car to capture it going off). Display doesn’t show a door open when the alarm is going off. They thought it could have been a faulty door bonnet boot switch. The 12v battery appears to be fine which could be another reason if charge is low for the alarm to sound. This could be the next step to replace the 12v battery to see if this stops this issue. Don’t want to fork out $400 unless I have to. I actually disconnected the battery to reset the ECU and I thought I’d fixed it. It didn’t go off for around two weeks until yesterday. Has anybody else had a similar issue with their Camry or other Toyota and how did you fix it? I am stuck. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Rich
  21. When I had to replace my front pads on my 2008 I had the same dilemma: DB1474 & DB2243 and without taking the caliper off I wouldn't have a clue. So I went to Repco, gave them the rego and they told me I need 2243. So I took advantage of a 30% discount and bought them from the shop, in case they were the wrong ones I was able to return them, which isn't always the case with the online purchases. Funny thing is, my wife's 2013 is using the same rotors & calipers 🙂 I can only second what the other posters replied: take a pad with you to the shop, or at least give them the plate number and see what they suggest.
  22. Craig, I think that you will find that because your 07 Aurion is more than 10 years old that Toyota Australia will not accept a claim to replace the dash. However, your situation may be treated differently particularly if this dash issue had previously been reported for your vehicle by previous owner/s.
  23. Hi Craig, Have you approached Toyota with the dash issue??... as you will read from the many threads posted on here a lot have experienced the same issue with melting dash's and many have had the issue resolved by Toyota at no expense too them..worth you spending the time reading the treads on here already about he issue ..I would then suggest a drive to you Local dealership and see if they are prepared to give you any assistance..some are great some not so. If not ....then don't leave it do have rights as you will read in the treads..Keep us updated as too the outcome Good Luck KAA
  24. Just wondering whether there had been any progress on this problem. My wife has an 07 Aurion - top of the range car with a dash so sticky and shiny it's a poor representation of the brand. Not what one expects from Toyota.
  25. Obviously different calipers were used during production. There is clearly a big difference in the size & shape of the pads which will reflect in the caliper shape & size. If you are still unsure just by looking, check your local auto parts store has both in stock and as suggested take a sample along on the day you are doing the job to match it up to purchase the correct pads.
  26. contact me on preston area
  27. please radio code for fujitsu ten serial no debo500431..thnks
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