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    Another quick update on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres fitted to my 2010 SX Sportivo. I have now done almost 10,000km and have just checked and rotated my tyres. As per usual I've carefully measured the tread depth and it is as follows: Front Left is 4.5mm Front Right is 5mm Rear Left is 6mm Rear Right is 6mm These PS4s were fitted at 75930km and checked and rotated today at 85794km. Wear is even across the tyre and they still grip very well, especially in the wet! I'm very happy with these Michelins, the wear rate seems to have slowed, (and even stopped on the rears!!!) Have noticed a little more harshness creeping in on some of our dodgy roads that I frequently travel,( or maybe the Local Council is getting slack with repairs!!! ) I would highly recommend them as a great replacement tyre in the std 215/55ZR17-98W size.
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    Or look up Neil Trama Engineering on Facebook. Neil
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    Why did you deaden the car ? Does it have too much road noise coming through ? Did it make any difference? Where did you buy the deadening material ?
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    A few photos from delivery. Car is stunning.......
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    Ok , So I have had a very busy few months. First off the car is now running on E85 and I have rewired the engine bay to get rid of the mix and match wiring from the previous owners 16v to 20v conversion. I also took the time to add traction control and boost per gear using gear detection. I used to slide resistors hooked up to the gear cables to give a variable voltage to the ecu telling it which gear it's in. I also used an old Android phone and connected it to the ecu so I can have a custom dash display So this leads to dyno day. I really did want Lith to tune it but he is struggling to get access to a dyno in the wellington region and my usual guys were not comfortable doing a flex fuel tune so I ended up heading out to a local guy just out of town to have a chat and ended up booking it in. So I showed up bright and early we got the low boost tune on petrol nailed pretty quick but the high boost tune didn't want to know us. the car was so grumpy with it trying to knock it's self to pieces even with almost all the timing removed. We ended up tracking it back to most likely bad fuel as a flush out and things were much better. I cant say I have had that before but that seems to be the case this time. we then drained the tank again and fed it the good stuff and actually got it to start and idle first pop on e85. that was a very good guess on the crank enrichment tables. So carrying on and we got most of the low boost e85 tune done and I believe it was near 180kw on 12 psi but we started chasing our tails as it would be sweet one run and garbage the next. A bit of investigation proved my brand new fuel regulator had failed internally and was acting like a 5th injector under vacuum. So a quick visit to the shops and one brand new regulator and I have it running sweet. better than any previous tunes. with the old tunes I would still get the odd warning from the knock light but this is the first time it has completely behaved. It would almost seem I have no power gain over the old tune but it is making the same power on less boost and this is a different dyno so I got the emissions checked and another power run on the same dyno as previous runs and it is still on 240kw at the wheels but with more lower end torque and power The butt dyno is picking up that there is a bit more than before especially on low boost but the main reason for this tune up is for future proofing. the engine is plenty strong enough to make more power, it's the turbo running at the limit which is the limiting factor. Traction control and boost per gear has really helped to get it to the ground and unless I gain more traction I really cant use more power than its got now, I can leave 2 black lines in third gear if I lean on the loud pedal so that's kind of hinting its enough power. . Here's a picture of my new drive shafts as well. the MR2 ones were not the best fit and I killed a few CV's over the years so I decided to fix it properly. I also managed a small road trip of around 750ks before I packed the car into the container. The might corolla has definitely been a few places over the years and here we are ready to drop it off at the shipping terminal as the adventures will continue I might catch up with a few local toyota members around Melbourne, come and say hi if you spot my car it's not like there will be many like this around and I will try and get to a few car meets once it's on the road.
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    I replaced the park lights with cheapo super white LED one's off eBay. Can't remember brand but they were very very cheap and they're great. Pulled plastic wheel arch covers off and probably took 20 minutes a side. Less time next time as I know what I'm doing!
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    Yep. Buy one of these and find the linkages in the door/boot. https://www.jaycar.com.au/car-boot-hatch-release/p/LR8834
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    Check whether your Toyota is affected by this recall using the following link. http://recalls.toyota.com.au/#/ I used a Transport Registration Check to obtain the VIN. Following link is for Qld registered vehicles https://www.service.transport.qld.gov.au/checkrego/application/VehicleSearch.xhtml?dswid=2894
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    ok chaps thanks for the advice but i dont have a family and i would rather spend my money on my atx because at least it wont leave me, i have a little hilux as my daily driver an im thinking of going mental on the aurion
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    I think you'll find its not easy to get more power out of an Aurion, and what power you can get, is generally not worth the time/cost.
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    G'day from a first time Toyota owner. Just bought a 2013 Corolla for a replacement for SWMBO diesel Focus that's currently off the road in a long drawn out insurance saga. Lets hope the Corolla lives up to its reputation. Cheers.
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    If you do a search on the forums re exhaust changes for the Aurion I think you will find that Toyota did a pretty good job with the standard exhaust. Trying to make it better/louder just results in a loss of performance and droaning. I would take it back to standard. Just my 2c worth.
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    The easiest worthwhile upgrade is the ST2 Piper camshafts. Neil