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    I doubt Andy anyone on here will give you Nonsense advice, like Ashley stated all the basic things like filters, oil and fluids will certainly add to the car running nice and smooth for further kilometres KAA
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    Look at your Warranty and Service Book for details of the 150,000 km or 120 Month service. This service involves the following replacements: engine oil and filter; engine coolant; in-tank fuel filter and brake fluid.
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    A complete assembly is next to impossible to find & buy for such an old car. What is the warranty like on the Repco parts? If 3 years/60K kms - get them. My old 2001 Azura I replaced the struts with Sachs which were great after I realised some of the other components were rooted. I also threw on the standard ride King springs which were too firm for my liking but great on a smooth road. KYB would be my recommendation for struts, about 10% firmer than stock which were always too damn soft anyhow. If your original springs are still fine I would just re-build them with new genuine strut top mounts, boots etc - very important that they're the genuine tops & bearings otherwise you may get a knocking noise.
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    No direct experience with your specific issue. Just thinking that it might be worthwhile to consider the outer cv joint on the left drive shaft as a potential possible cause. I have a preference/ tendency not to accelerate hard until the wheels are straight ahead to minimise the pressure on the cv joints. Many years ago, I test drove a fwd vehicle doing a fast U turn. Front left drive shaft became quite noisy after that turn so we returned the vehicle back to the wholesale yard and disappeared quickly. Good learning experience not to do that to your own vehicles.
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    Hi Ben, I just returned after 12 years living in Hong Kong myself. Yes I've seen the Pimping they do in HK and It's great. I'm not so "ambitious" and am just looking for simple things to make my Estima more comfortable for use in Australia, such as Replacing the Factory Entertainment System which speaks to me in Japanese and the GPS which thinks I'm in Tokyo!! Trying to find a wiring harness to change over this to a Pioneer System I bought when I was in HK recently. Nothing here in Australia, so I may have to search the Auto shops in Hak Po Street MK!!
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    may I suggest you research these I purchased mine at Bunnings for $119 each. Gives you access from anywhere via your phone or pc in live / real time. Timer to turn on / off the light or light on with movement detected. Cloud access recording for free for previous 24hrs also low cost access for longer periods. Too many features to say here. Check them out. They look like a para flood light but have some high tech features. Sengled Snap Smart LED Light And Wi-Fi Security Camera
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    Rough 20-100km/h rolling start acceleration in around 7.5 seconds with the heavy 16x7 wheels
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    Update for I believe a new fastest N/A 2ZZ ZZE chassis in Australia (Please correct me if I'm wrong) Time slip listed at the end of the video also. Tyres are 205/50/15 AD08R's. No spare tyre or passenger seats. Mods: - PPE header - Header back 2.5" exhaust with a 2 hotdogs - Competition stage 2 clutch/MWR steel flywheel - MWR alternator/waterpump pulley - 3" Chuned intake - Ported stock intake manifold - MWR billet oil pump gears Also still running the stock ECU and standard tune.
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    Item: ZRE152 Facelift C-One Wingtips Location: Melbourne, Victoria Item Condition: Used, may need to be polished if keeping the colour, but will need to be resprayed to your required paint colour accordingly if your car is a different colour Reason for Selling: Sold my car, no longer need them Price and Payment conditions: $100 (negotiable) Additional information: Was purchased from Jay (JSKILLS) when he wrote off his Corolla -he parted them out and I bought them originally for $200 but never installed them. Letting them go as I do not need them as I sold my car last year. Also, screws are included but it is highly recommended to either install them with screws AND double sided automotive 3M tape OR have them moulded by a professional panel beater into your existing rear spoiler. Shipping: Willing to ship at buyers expense Pictures: This is how they looked installed on Jay's car when he had them. Contact Details: 0450654345
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    Good indication that the battery may not last much longer although I have read some internet posts of car batteries lasting up to 10 years. I have bought a multi-stage battery charger to help rejuvenate batteries. I also have bought the larger size Century Battery 75D23L MF instead of the 55D23L MF for my Aurion but have not noticed any difference for engine starting between 620 CCA and 540 CCA.

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