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    By spigots I assume you mean hub-centric rings (which has to do with the centre-bore size, nothing to do with offset), in which case either go to your local tyre shop or eBay and buy the right size (73.1 OD / 54.1 ID), you can get them either in alloy or nylon (I prefer alloy but they are obviously more expensive)
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    Agree with these thoughts. Not enough transmission fluid is going to cause problems. Exactly why I spent so much time learning how to get the fluid level correct for this sealed type transmission.
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    MA61 Supra nose conversion on an RA60/SA63/RA65 coupe body (which has in turn had the roof cut off and custom tail-lights)
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    More likely than a problem with the type of fluid is that they may not have filled it to the right level. I dont think a driveshaft could cause your problem- but - I have never replaced one on mine. I did rebuild transmissions for several years though.
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    Torque steer due to unequal-length driveshafts (the main cause) will usually be to the right (since the LH driveshaft is shorter so it gets more power), not to the left that Aurions suffer from. Crowning of the road is going to play a much more significant part, as are the factory suspension settings (as @campbeam posted, also in these threads)
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    Best to check Qld Transport website about minimum vehicle ground clearance. Unofficial guide would be the height of a Coke can. Remember noticing a motorcycle cop pulling over a lowered Holden ute and getting a measuring guide from the saddles of his motorbike. Just goes to show that they do have the means to readily check lowered vehicles.
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    Go for it. The sway bar firms up the rear end and that makes cornering a lot better. I have also installed a front strut bar. The next upgrade was Pedders Sportsryders springs. Now I have total confidence in corners.
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    Behind the cluster itself is a small speaker that people have removed before which stops the beeping. Only downside is that once removed, you also won't have the headlight and ignition chimes.
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    For the gear boot, you'll need to remove the ash tray compartment and than pull from the top and the shift surround pops out. All you'll need to do is disconnect the power going to cigarette lighter before you remove the trim away. To remove the boot, you may need something to leverage it (nothing too sharp) with as it uses a metal liner to clip in underneath and you'll need to get one side off which will let you get it off the the trim from there.
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    I've not run spigots on my car, although my offset isn't as low at the wheels you've noted. I've seen plenty of guys run quite low offsets, one of which is running 15x8 +0 on his Corolla and I don't believe he's ever used spigots.
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    Hey mate, you will need to remove the air con vent trim which you simply put your fingers on each vent and pull it straight out. Depending if the unit has been changed before, you'll need to loosen some screws/bolts that hold the unit in place within the unit mount. Once they're removed the unit should easily come out, just be sure to watch your trims as you do this. A wiring harness makes life a lot easier when changing units. I've had one in mine since I changed the unit almost 4 years ago with no issues. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/aerpro-aerpro-wiring-harness---suit-toyota-app141/11550.html - Something like this, you can find all over the Net.
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    Hey everyone, It's been awhile to say the least. I still have my Corolla Sportivo and it has been through some massive changes! I ended up finally finding a plug and play Apexi PowerFC Unit + Hand Controller from a mate and to be expected i ended up having issues again lmao. Car made significantly more power with it plugged in, gaining 34HP through the midrange, 18 in the top end and improving drivability enormously. Lift was tuned in at 5200RPM and made for a really fun spirited drive. I say 'had' because i ended up removing it due to the idle issue, something the previous owner also dealt with. Basically, the car would either idle at around 1000rpm sounding like a lumpy cam or at 2800rpm, there was no in between. I originally could deal with it, until you get sick of it. Due to the poor idle, the car essentially would have to be revved out before being able to take off which was frustrating to say the least. Also, engine braking was negligible due to the high idle setting, resulting in being unable to engine brake properly using downshifts. I also re-painted the inserts of my headlights, replaced the LED Halos with a brand new pair and used lenses from a pair of new headlights to seal them all fresh. I finally managed to get some facelift taillights, genuinely can't believe it took me this long to change them back. I ditched the leather Recaro SR3's i had in favour for a pair of Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR (JDM) Recaros in a nice black suede with leather stitching. Paired with KYOUU rails, they sit the same, are bolstered far more aggressively and are a far safer option. I'm now running Yokohama AD08R in a 225/45 instead of the 50 profile. In my opinion, they sit far better than the Potenzas, though admittedly i do miss the chunky tyre look. Hope all is well, i'll do my best to keep the forum updated from now on.
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    I had this problem last Monday. Was driving along and low oil pressure warning came up on dash. Couldn't pull over immediately, had to go another 500 metres before I could stop safely. Checked underneath vehicle and there was oil everywhere on the underside, in the front drivers side wheel arch. Couldn't see exactly where it was coming from. Jumped on to google and searched for massive oil leak problem for Aurion and found a link about the oil pressure pipe. I was fairly sure then that this was what had happened to me. I rang the Toyota recall 1800 number and asked if there had been a recall for my car and was told by a very pleasant fellow that the letter hadn't been sent to me yet. I told him that my house had burst in a big way and what should I do. He advised me that he would contact the nearest dealer and they would arrange towing and fix it for me. My car was taken to the dealer and they confirmed the problem. The hose was replaced with the all metal pipe. I had lost 4.5 litres of oil as a result of the burst hose. I was very happy with the service both from Toyota and the dealer, Grand Motors Service at Labrador in Qld. The dealer virtually detailed my car while cleaning up all the oil underneath the car. There was no damage to the engine but I will be keeping an eye on it. I would strongly suggest all owners that haven't had the hose replaced book it in now.
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    Sorry for digging up an old thread but I've been testing out different fuels as I do a lot of driving to work and back (218km round trip each day). I've found the E10 fuel (95 RON where I get it) to be the most economical in terms of fuel used, and also the cheapest in terms of $/L. Second to that would be 91 RON. I've had the E10 (95 RON) down to 7.9L/100km (actual figures, car said 7.5 but it was lying) while the best I could get any other fuel was 8.3l/100km which was with a tank of 91 RON. I find the E10 also feels like it has more power and it tends to get highway speed overtaking maneuvers done much quicker. This is all done in me Aurion though, so a little off topic to the hybrids
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    Hi Bill, E10 in Tassie is mainly offered by Liberty and united Garages and last time I checked a few weeks ago it was 95 octane. Not sure if either of these brands are offered in Qld. The Hybrid Camry has a completely different (larger capacity) motor than the Prius and as far as I know there is no need to use anything other than 91 Octane.
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    I have a 2012 Prius Hybrid, and in the manual it recommends 95 octane, however it can take e10. As Premium 95 octane is about 10c/l more expensive than 91 regular unleaded, I would ideally like to find an e10 that's 95 octane, but can't (I'm in Qld). Woollies E10 is 91, and Coles e10 might be 93 but can't confirm this. Anyone help with this? I read that when you add ethanol to petrl it raises the octane level, so that means Woolies must have been below 91 octane before they added the ethanol. PS. What is the recommended fuel for the Camry hybrid, and if it's different, why?
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    Yeah, I've gone to premium 95 RON now, considering the cost per km difference with E10 is minimal. Also, if you believe the marketing, it has "special sauce" that make your car run better. So why not! ;-)
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    That surprises me, although you obviously were a lot more scientific than me. Most of my tanks would have had a bit of a mixture of fuels, which would have skewed the results.
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    I did a test of E10, 91 and 95 using Caltex stations on my 2010 Camry Hybrid Luxury over 6 months. The consumption is measured using full fills rather than the car computer. This was recorded over 2 months period for each type of fuel, I fill on average every fortnight and driving about 1000 km during that time. I've found that in $ per km terms at 2011 prices, 91 was the clear winner, followed by E10 and then 95. Difference between E10 and 95 was only a few cents, with E10 being cheaper to run. I've since lost the data logged in the app so I can't give you exact numbers. But 91 was by far the better fuel to get, back in the day 91 was 3 cents per litre more expensive than E10, and 95 was around 10-15 cents more expensive than 91. There's a clear economy difference between E10 and regular fuels in my experience. However, since that time, my local Woolies Caltex have phased out 91 and gone to E10 only...91 RON is really hard to find at a decent price in my area now.
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    We get 95 RON E10 in Tassie and find NO difference in economy between that and 91 unleaded in either our current 2012 Camry Hybrid H or our previous 2010 Hybrid .. We use 91 unleaded about 85 to 90% of the time though, mainly because I use Woollies shop-a-dockets. No noticeable difference in performance either.
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    10% :p Also, since the OP is in Victoria it is a slightly different matter - NSW E10 is usually 91 RON (even with the ethanol added, due to a government mandate), in other states I don't believe there is the same restriction and you'll often get 94/95RON E10 (which is closer to Premium)
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    Isn't that to attract the flight attendant?
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    Hey dude, let us know how you in your next 4x4 event, i reckon you'll have no issues in the dune sections. Wheels look great, it's nice to hand the monster truck mantle over to someone with a head as large as mine Cheers Kerr

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