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    Haven't receive the cable yet. Damn long shipping times. I have noticed another thing though. In the morning i did drive with no abs light and got on the highway. Drove for 20kms straight, no abs light. Took the exit, boom, abs light on. It's definitely a bad sensor in one of the wheels.
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    Have a read of the following URLs: https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/a91/1272436/ https://www.tectaloy.com.au/corrosion-inhibitor-concentrates
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    Extremely expensive for an OEM FWD clutch, I know that a lot of rear wheel drive cars like Skyline's, Supra's, Falcon's etc pay that kind of money for heavy duty clutches. Exedy is honestly the way to go and I found the car much easier to drive with the heavy duty over stock, but that's just me.
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    Exedy clutches are excellent. I went with the HD and it honestly feels lighter than the OEM my car came with when I bought it. I haven't had pedal feel for a replacement Exedy at all but, oddly enough when I tried a HD in my mates 2004, it felt heavier than mine. When he transferred his gearbox with the same clutch into his 2005, the pedal felt exactly like mine, soft.
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    Gearbox upgrade. Now running SADEV ST82-14
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    has he checked the gearbox ? https://share.qclt.com/丰田Toyota RAV4 Repair Manual/U140F Automatic Transaxle/Speed Sensor/02600310.pdf
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    I ordered it for $32 (this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/254062205825).
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    Update: I have ordered a Techstream cable from ebay. The seller has positive reviews. I will keep updating this thread. Hopefully, Techstream will be able to show me the ABS code.
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    Possibly warmer weather and use of silicone spray will reduce the risk as well as the usual softly softly approach.
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    Qfm A1rm + Hankook Rs-4 235/45/17Qfm A1rm + Hankook Rs-4 235/45/17 Nugget Nationals Track Day 2019 - Broadford Times as per computime: 1:59.434 1:26.888 1:28.091 1:21.701 1:24.258 1:18.30 1:17.86 1:40.950 2:19.734 1:20.329 1:16.777 1:31.106 1:24.283 1:58.424 1:17.692 1:17.378 1:23.867 1:17.534 1:18.249 1:38.960 1:17.415 1:17.801 1:19.021 1:19.962 1:20.988 1:22.799 1:40.728 1:24.747 1:17.080 1:17.465 1:24.515 1:16.661 1:16.721 1:34.753 1:17.812 1:17.508 1:18.577 1:19.128 1:19.077 Nice and cloudy Melbourne day top of 18° ... although it was showers and raining everywhere else, Melbourne decided not to shed its rain in the area until the last sessions in the afternoon. It was my first time racing on the track of broadford, its another level comparing to what im used to at winton. Its 850m shorter than winton and also has 12 turns, its usually used for motorcycle racing. The differences ive noticed straight away are the hills, the course has some nice uphills, and downhills. So this track has given me another perception on the car and a new learning curve on how to deal with gearing throughout the lowspeed corners on downhills and uphills. Paid attention to the tyre pressures today keeping them between 34-36 psi. Spun out on the same lap on turns 1 and 9 😅 in session 3 after adjusting the tyre pressures from 40 down to 36 and two clicks stiffer (from 7 clicks) on the coils on the fronts. As a final note, broadford super fun on another level with the ups and downs, tune in for the next track day Thanks for looking !
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    I agree with Conrod..it should be what you like!!..your buying it,your driving it.... it should always be your choice & if that is too tough a decision to make then you should take a time out and then decide KAA
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    Cant understand why people buy a car based on what other people say looks better, isn't it what you want, as your the one paying for it
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    You can spin it out either direction, as its not physically attached to the speedo needle, but on reinsertion, you can also turn it either way, the majority you will be feeding it in by hand anyway as you need to apply the lube, ( Lube and turn, Lube and turn ) but when you are almost fully home turning it Anti-clockwise will allow your speedo to register speed, slow speed on your drill is all that's required, once its home having it on high speed will allow you to check if its smooth, Another tip, with your bonnet open feed the speedo cable end that you removed back up through the engine bay, removing it off its retaining clips so the whole cable assembly is up where you can stand up and perform the removal and re-assembly of the inner, save rooting around underneath and allows you to hold it more or less in a straight line ( If you ever have the opportunity to get a speedo pulled apart, they have a small cylindrical drum which spins around whats looks to be a magnet and the faster the drum spins it draws the needle to register speed ) As I,m not the one doing the job mate,no responsibility taken as Im only advising you of the way I went about it
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    A while ago, I bought a C-TEK charger [Repco Special] and have been using it to charge and rejuvenate a number of batteries. I was going to delay buying a new battery but AutoBarn put out a 2 day deal 30% off Century Batteries ending today 22nd June. My existing Century Battery model 75D23L MF [CCA 620] is still going strong after more than 2 years. Ended up buying the Century Battery model NS70L NF [CCA 660 and RF 140] @ $160.30 which fitted into the battery tray easily.
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    I fitted a Blusteele Heavy Duty part no. BHD -799018 I use the car in hillclimbs as well as on the road, I recently had the engine out and it looked fine. You'll find them on the bay of e at reasonable money. It came with centre plate and tool to line it up. Let us know what you go for.
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    I know you'd like to keep everything genuine but have you considered the Exedy replacement clutches at all? I'm sure in the long run they'd be the same and cheaper than getting one from Toyota. Just a thought. I can try and see what the part number would be for you.
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    From the album: " My Baby "

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    I love my fizanza it the lightest around and only $290 usd from ebay :) After fitting car was quicker and loves to rev faster, did not even seem any harder to drive like people say. One of the best mods (With LSD)
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    i've got the xtreme lightened chromoly flywheel and clutch. gets those revs quicker to lift and when it reaches lift... its heaven
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    hmm... i can smell group buy for LSD!
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    Quaife LSD FTW !!!!!!! The only feasible way to lay down 250 killerwasps to the tarmac B) B) B) in all seriousness an LSD does a treat on the rolla as i had the LSD in before i put the turbo in and the car felt SOOOOOOOOOO much better to drive in the corners and off the mark. having coils and all the bars helps as well ...... and if this is going in a stivo make sure u grab a spare 6th gear from toyota bcuz ur current one will get mashed up in the install process .....
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    More power yes but choose the right type of LSD for what you primarily do. Are you more track oriented with a lil bit of street driving or the other way round?? LSD on the street can be a real biatch. I think Xoom runs a quaife LSD 1.5way. Xoom if you red this is that right??

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