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    12 year old, 2006 model, oil change oil every 5000 km's with Full Synthetic, because I only drive that much in 1 year or less. 82000 km's on the clock and still run like new.
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    Sorry to tell you but Toyota releases new map updates about every two years, & the dates for the map on those updates are usually almost a year old then! Or at least this has been the case for SD Card based units. I have had Toyota sat/navs since 2012 & this has been my experience since then. I currently have a 2016 Corolla Hybrid with a unit with microSD card & the maps were 2014 (the latest at the time) when I got it. I'm hoping there will be a new release next month (Dec 2018) & will update then, hopefully via a friend who works for a Toyota dealer as the SD cards are $250-$300 each retail. Don't be tempted to buy a non-Toyota card as the units are encoded & only genuine cards will work, regardless of what a third party supplier will tell you. I tried the cheap option online & got dudded & couldn't get my money back even though I pursued the supplier who turned out to be overseas based. You'll have to live with this knowledge or swap your unit for a more customer focused brand. This issue is about the only complaint I have with my car after 2+ years of ownership.
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    I’m still in the r&d of it all, heat exchanger and pump shouldn’t be to difficult, having to go piggyback or standalone ecu is a shame, but at least it’s a download for the tune, so there’s a couple of bucks saved on the dyno, clearance is my biggest issue, I’m gonna make a template up to see if the bonnet needs a hole with scoop, I’ll get some playdoe close the bonnet and measure the clearances, hopefully it will fit,
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    I had a feeling this would be the case. Thats what the guys at ssc told me when i was picking up the 1900 i saw the one with the intercooler being installed and ask oh whats that can i get that instead and was told it wouldnt fit and requires an extra radiator at the front and would be alot of custom work to get if all to fit which would be way too costly. I think the best way is the tvs1900 with a water methanol kit it will act like an intercooler reducing the intake temps by a fair bit easiest option to go for.
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    Here's the link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsN56AD1rBs
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    Even better water to air, it comes with a tune for the lotus, just waiting to hear back to see if they can reflash the stock Trd aurion ecu, they did it first so they may have access, this alone saves 3-5 grand + dyno for after market ecu,
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    you cant, but, however i can do that for you /end thread
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    Thanks mate! Its OP's like you that update and tell us how the fault was fixed that make this forum useful to other Camry owners chasing "those little" faults.
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    loose connection or broken wiring clock spring behind the steering wheel.
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    Just a heads-up, this thread is 4-1/2 years old, and the original poster hasn't been back since 4 days after it was posted.
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    UPDATE!! New tvs 1900 supercharger has been installed for almost a week now just havent had time to post it up. Let me say it was not an easy job at all and alot there is a fair bit of modification required as the supercharger hits the bonnet just slightly. The hardest bit of the whole job was to get the manifold off the original supercharger once manifold was off the car. It is held down with allen screws that are very tight and the moment u try to put any kind of allen key on them it just threads the heads. Had to end up drilling them out which took hours to try and not damage the manifold because the angle of which you habe to sit the drill to try and cut away at the screws is just a painnn. Bonnet had to be cut throttle body adaptor on the s/c had to be fliped intake modified and a whole bunch of hoses replaced for longer one. Dont get me wrong the car feels good now some more power there but without a tune yet the car i feel just wants to detune its self. I also ended up installing a boost gauge which im happy about i managed to drill a boost tap into the manifold while it was off the car so wen im pushing it foot to floor gauge is ready 10psi thats with a 90mm pulley i also have an 80mm pulley but will prob install it wen i go to tune it. This was all done at my place mechanic came past and i was helping him with what i could. The new s/c was powder coated black colour i ended up paying some high temp spray paint and sprayed it red its abit patchy now coz some of the paint got scratched off but ill touch it up. surprisingly the colour is very very close to orignal. I also got my hands on an original trd s/c decal wasnt cheap!!! But atleast it will handle the heat.
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    How many kms has it clocked so far? Other than lift bolts, the OCV and lift filters could be clogged, if it's had poor service history or even high kms. What size exhaust were you running prior to going stock? Could always be a restriction that makes the lift transition not seem as strong. I know this after going from Injen intake to stock, it felt quiet restricted between 6500-7800, felt flat.
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    Ask them why would they have to change the springs. I'll be changing my rear struts hopefully this weekend, bought the pair of KYB 339112 and 339113 for 224aud few months ago off eBay, plus 240 labour at UltraTune. Ask around for other quotes, you don't really need to go to a suspension specialist for struts replacement.
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    G'day I just picked up a one owner 1977 Stout that is still registered and garaged all its life and is in immaculate condition. The missus and kids are in luv with it too so its a win. I even have the original Rego & Insurance papers and check out the tool kit never been out of its bag along with the condition of the floor pans. Cheers Noz
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    Hi all! This is "Caeser" my customized Toyota Stout 1978 :)

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