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    Finally had a chance to do the job. Used WD40 white lithium spray. Magic stuff. Did all the rubber joints on the rear. Super quiet now. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    The high beam also turns on the led bar, its stedi too. Very good for driving out of town and seeing foxes and kangaroos on the roadside or far up the road so I dont have to hit them.
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    For those that don't know, yes they fit even though they sink in 10mm over stock factory alloys, and use the factory alloy wheel nuts. After seeing the updated versions, I decided to black out some of the polished bits to get rid of the "petal" effect. It's not the best job, as I should've rounded off the tips a little, but I think it's an improvement Before & after
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    Suggest you have a detailed read of the posts in that Y Pipe thread. Reported costs are a mild ravaging of the wallet, otherwise it would not be on my reference list. More than likely I am not going to do it because I prefer the torque to be maximum at lower revs. It is just me but I prefer to have a super quiet exhaust and maintain the sleeper car effect
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    In a gearbox pdf article, I noticed a section about the Toyota WS specification in that it was a low viscosity ATF for fuel economy. I then did some Google searches about ATF WS and the ATF WS viscosity. https://www.google.com/search?q=ATF+WS&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 https://www.google.com/search?q=atf+ws+viscosity&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Eventually, I looked at the ATF viscosity specifications on various oil manufacturer's websites for their products complying with the Toyota WS specification. End result is that I am happy to keep using the Penrite ATF Multivehicle LV . https://www.penriteoil.com.au/assets/pis_pdfs/ATF LV (Full Syn) .pdf
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    Same here ZZ..I have used Nulon for years and have always found it a reliable quality product and yes Aussie so an added bonus KAA
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    Just for comparison, no lights, parkers only, low beam.
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    Front tyres were previously "as new" with last wheel alignment done in February this year. Toe in/out measurement had changed significantly. No definite explanation except I should have gone back and had the wheel alignment checked prior to the road trip. Huge difference with this last wheel alignment and felt really good when I drove away. Interesting that they had replaced the wheel alignment machine. No need to buy any tyres. I also have a set of mags with new Continentals on hand so I will fit them before the next wheel alignment.
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    I think what I am feeling is the increased engine torque and the transmission smoothly dropping down a gear or 2 for that extra launch.
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    Hey mate, I definitely agree that anyone who see's 98 octane as liquid Schwartz and that it add's X amount of power is mistaken. But I'm sure that I am not alone, but I can feel the power curve (?) difference using the different fuels... I guess you can call me Niki Lauda...
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    Hi guys, I wasn't actually sure how alive the forums are given FB groups, Discord, Whatsapp, Bloods vs Crips, COVID19 and so forth but nice to see there is still some action around here. I've recently got back into another Corolla, just can't seem to shake them off man - 10th Corolla since 2006. 96' AE102 sedan 91' AE101 20v 91' AE101 4AGZE 90' AE90 sedan 92' AE92 GTi hatch 92' AE92 hatch 93' AE92 hatch 96' AE102rv hatch 05 Corolla Levin ZRE 96' AE102rv hatch 02' Corolla Levin So potentially not in the right forum and might need to get some help? lol - not to drag on but I just find myself enjoying the car that much more and I've had 1js, 2js but I keep coming back to the nugget chassis and I'm convinced outright power is not at all directly proportional to the fun that can be had, all in the chassis, the actual power you can use and chucking it around xD. Doesn't help these days when a few clicks on Marketplace, Gumtree and bam you find something, I kept missing out I felt.. Wasn't fussed on the Sportivos (no offense), they seem to be fairly run down examples, but the Levins, mmmhmm gimme that Japanese goodness (thanks COVID for ruining my recently planned Tokyo trip..) This popped up on FB Marketplace, messaged within 10 mins of seeing the ad live, organised to meet up that evening, I wasn't too fussy if I'm honest, I needed something to scratch the itch, 292k kms, servicing history until 209k and then intermittent, but it's still going, just needs TLC. Sold/10 ++ Part of the reason I always come back is a good support network which I've always seemed to only find within Toyota owners - so wasn't long before I had a good mate offer assistance with a couple of things: 'yes it's maintained' New set of plugs, engine oil flush and fresh new oil in it, no more tabla like idle and sounds much more better, pulls just fine - are we done? no sir. Removed crusty valve cover to get redone, no sludge is good but a few engine flushes and oil changes necessary. As it sits waiting for bits Anywhere I can stick a vacuum into the car, wiper cowling section getting repainted, wiper arms powder coated and new wipers enroute. This ****, ****s me off betterer and done all round. Tidy up in the back too Gotta collect it from another good mate: You don't come to my place with your Corolla and not get SOME form of clean up done 😛 This was my last AE102, sold to a good mate, love it still. so a couple of things on their way. - Whiteline control arms set, Whiteline strutbrace, the speedometer plastic cover or lens as per the Toyodiy diagram (don't nobody got time for scratched up ****..), a few gaskets from UAE - I was considering coil overs, but will do the tried and tested KYB Excel Gs + King lows (or mabe Lovels?) - plan is to eventually boost it but have fun along the way. Thanks for reading.
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    Just fitted these https://www.stedi.com.au/t10-t15-high-power-reverse-parker-upgrade.html because my previous led t10 globes, one side anyway, started flickering after about a year. These have. 2 year warranty and are many times brighter than the previous ones, which I thought were ok. Easy to fit...
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    I have done some research (youtube/google) into CVT transmissions and figure that if a toyota transmission fails with no towing, mostly highway usage and regular servicing and maintenance as per the logbook it should be under warranty (if it is worth anything). With regular servicing from a Toyota dealership the engine/transmission warranty contInues to 7 years. I would be more interested in the fuel usage in the hybrid over long and mostly flat highway usage. Is it worth the weight and potentially another system to fail or do I look to a mechanically simpler system?
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    The stedi lights have a wire, about 5cm long that fits the existing parking light t10 fitting. The body of the light- the orange part fits into the headlight body in the same way the small, original t10 globe fits in. As a reverse light, no idea, I have not tried.
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    Ah ok. I suspect then that Toyota may have sharpened this aspect up because I never see figures like that during traffic, it will climb gently to the 14 lt/100 range and as you set off again it will slowly decrease as it gets more time in the economy zone. I quite like it actually. It will, of course, be quite accurate over a longer distance rather that the starting/stopping chaos.
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    Iv put injector cleaners in today ill do an oil change in a few day see how it goes.
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    A mate of mine runs the PSICO front mount on his 2012 model and has gone 4x4ing a heap of times since and has had no issues with it at all. It's all personal preference really as either upgrade will benefit with the tune as well. TMIC usually benefit with being more efficient seeing as the pipe length is shorter and with the scoop air is directed straight into it but they are prone to absorbing more heat. https://www.crosscountry4x4.com.au/tips-and-tricks/intercooler-articles/top-mount-vs-front-mount-vs-water-to-air.html worth a read in terms of what would benefit your setup.
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    It is going to be more of a case of finding an Approved person who is able to certify the modifications that is then going to be accepted for registration purposes in that State. https://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Safety/Vehicle-standards-and-modifications/Vehicle-modifications/Light-vehicle-modifications I do remember a recent crack down on the ride height of 4WDs in QLD which caused an outcry. https://www.caradvice.com.au/772850/queensland-authorities-stand-firm-on-4wd-ride-height-enforcement/ I have seen the measuring wheel in action being used on a lowered Commodore or Falcon ute. I did not know what it was at the time except the motorcycle cop removed it from his panniers. It looked like he was measuring the ride height clearance of the diff housing. I reckon that that driver would have gotten a defect notice and maybe also a speeding ticket.. https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/darlingdowns/2014/08/29/low-can-go/
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    Mike, I just happened to be using Shell Ultra 5W-40 full synthetic oil on my recent road trip. Next oil change will be Nulon 5W-30 full synthetic oil. Just bought Castrol Edge 5W-30 full synthetic on special at Super Cheap Auto for future oil changes. I have also been reviewing ATF WS online. I have been using Penrite ATF LV in my transmission and will continue to do so. All helps with fuel economy but easily overwhelmed by the lead foot. I am thinking that a big influence upon fuel economy figures is getting the engine and transmission up to operational temperature and being on the open highway cruising as soon as possible and for as long as possible. Cruise control is a handy convenience but foot control can be more adaptive for fuel economy purposes. Driving safe and having rests is more important. Still remember one time having a break then only driving another 78 kms before needing to take another rest by the side of the road. I have found that [for myself] the initial 3 hours of the drive is usually the best for covering as much distance as possible. You will have to be reasonably good with the accelerator to get an average of 7.5 Litres per 100 kms for your trip.
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    I've been using the Nulon 5W30 SN/GF5 for years now & I'm very happy with it. Aussie made @ a great price when on special 😉
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    That is a rippa clip, more than 200K kms & the cam caps look like new, the rockers same. A very clean, as new motor. 👍
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    I can just imagine how effective the lighting would be at night on country roads. Absolutely essential to light up those biological hazards as far down the road and be safe. Only reason I do not have a light bar fitted is because my night driving is in the city or on well lit highways. Therefore, I rarely use high beam so left the high beam bulbs as halogens. Having a decent set of LED [low beam] headlight bulbs meets my current driving needs. City driving with street lighting is totally different to driving on country roads at night. This well explains why you have fitted the STEDI as parking lights. Thank you for bringing these high output LED T10 bulbs to the attention of the Forum members.
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    I am always looking at YouTube videos about synthetic oil. I am more interested in the real world experience and testing rather than the marketing hype designed to part you from your $$$. Just came across this video and the engine valve train looks like new. A good testament to using a synthetic oil and regular oil changes. Something else that I do is to read the comments. I am thinking that the only way to justify buying the more expensive top of the range specialist full synthetic oils is with an extended oil change interval plus having a quality oil filter to support the longer oil change interval. Personally, I now buy full synthetic oil when on special and select the lower oil viscosity suitable for my engine and driving conditions. I am also using non-genuine oil filters with a very short oil change interval that supports my usual short distance driving i.e. less than 20 minutes. This means that my engine is just getting up to operating temperature by the end of my commuter trip. Codename for my engine is "Sludgy" so my criteria is all about sludge protection and engine cleaning properties of the oil. I have mentioned in other threads that last 2 oil changes have been with Shell Ultra 5W-40 full synthetic. I am very impressed with its cleaning properties. However, next oil change will be with Nulon 5W-30 full synthetic mainly because different brands of oils have a different additive package.
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    Could be a dodgy door switch somewhere. The bonnet may have one too.
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    Nice to see the humble SCA wet look tyre shine getting a few mentions. I gave my Colorado a decent decontamination and wash this morning and finished off with SCA tyre shine after they had dried of course. Mowed the lawn, had a bbq, had lunch, then had a nap, then had a hot shower then went back outside to the car and did the glass with Rain-x cleaner & repellant. Stood back and thought.. nice... Tyres are nice and shiny as is the paint and the sealed glass just completes the picture nicely. Then tomorrow it will rain 😂
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    The other advantage is that it can be quickly applied in a few minutes. I was thinking about washing the tyres then applying the Aerospace. Good sleeping weather today so ended up having a morning nap instead.
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    Mike, your figures indicate a result of 7.69 Litres per 100 kms which is a pleasing result against a benchmark of 8 Litres per 100 kms. If you look on page 15, another member has reported a consistent result of 7.6 litres per 100 kms on longer trips which I think is a good benchmark for fuel economy. I did slightly better on the return trip from Cairns to Gold Coast by being less exuberant with the accelerator. For my fuel economy results, I used real figures by totally filling the fuel tank all the way to the top [not recommended on a regular basis]. I was also using 95 ULP and 38 psi tyre pressure. I found that it is more a "competition" with yourself and having a well maintained vehicle to get the optimum result. I know that I can do better by being gentler with the accelerator and a wheel alignment [ a few days ago] corrected an imbalance in the toe in/out adjustment. Let us know your results.
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    Another 3 months later and the tyres on my "backyard queen" are still looking as if the P&S Shine All had just been applied. Tyres on another standby vehicle also looking as if the SCA tyre shine had been recently applied. In contrast, the tyres on my driving vehicle look ready for another application of Aerospace 303. Admittedly, if I had been spinning around at 110kph over the past 2 weeks, I would need a freshen up too.
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    They are pretty much like Led drl’s that newer cars have
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    I have them as parkers, they just fitted straight in to the light housing and the wire on the globe fits straight into the car wiring plug.
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    I can wear these sort of glasses during the day, especially useful on the last road trip to ease eye strain. At night, they are on top of my head so can be readily put on to deal with any blinding glare. Also handy to use the driving tip of looking more to the left hand side of the road instead of directly ahead. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Night-Driving-Glasses-Anti-Glare-HD-Night-Vision-Clarity-Lenses/223796974751?hash=item341b56d49f:g:vCAAAOSwsnVd9qe0
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    KARMA. One of these will always "Eat Tonkas for breakfast." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB8dnbUmQ0o Something to have a chuckle about while we wait for Matt to do a follow up post with more details.
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    Ok. So I jacked up the car, removed the front driver's side wheel and semi detached the inner mud guard. The beep speaker is mounted to the upper skirt just below the top and behind the headlight. So to sum up, you mentioned that the beep does sound when it detects the key is in the cabin and when you try to lock it via the handle and it also beeps when the engine is running and it detects you walking away from the "zone". I think those would be three beeps. Is this the story so far ? So the beeper actually does work, it only doesn't beep when locking or unlocking with the hand or remote. If the device is acting up, it's an easy swap, but if it's software related then you'll need an Intelligent tester, most likely Toyota to hook up to it and check. Sounds to me like a software glitch. If the speaker is beeping in one instance and not the other, then I'd say there is a setting or command that is not communicating it. It's this blue device here:
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    Those Neanderthals in their obnoxious Tonka trucks. Sheesh, don't I know it.
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    I agree with Tony about the Lumen levels of LED headlights out there..some just plug them in not putting in mind the adjustment needed so as to not blind us coming the other way..I almost had to stop on the highway 2 nights ago because i was temporarily blinded by some idiot in a huge 4 wheel drive with leds pointed straight in my windscreen..I am though interested as i said about reversing lights, I did look at the site you posted Matt..by easy fitting what did you mean? just plug in existing slots? KAA
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    Interesting product design compared to the usual T10 LED bulb and a very significant Lumen output. I can certainly see why STEDI is recommending that their intended purpose is for the reversing light. Good alternative to fitting a light bar or similar accessory for reversing. I currently have T10 LED bulbs fitted as parking lights and I drive with them on all the time. I was finding that there is not much length within the light housing so some longer length bulbs would not fit. I have also got LED headlight bulbs fitted which have a decent Lumen output so not feeling the need for using these STEDI high output bulbs as parking lights. However, I can certainly see how they would augment the headlight bulbs and be quite effective as daytime lights.
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    Yesterday, I dropped the oil after coming back from a highway trip, earlier than expected. No significant sludge particles in the oil filter cartridge or on the bottom of the oil drain pan. Oil looks dark because of that additive and was freely flowing. Oil when on the dipstick looks quite good so really does not not need to be changed. Getting prepared for another oil change overkill without any additive this time to discolour the oil. Original intention was to track the change of oil colour on the dipstick and on the guard inside the valve cover near the oil filler cap opening.
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    This has been a recent learning for me. Before my selection criteria was more for the higher oil specification of API SN and the ILSAC GF-5 so given a choice between oils, I would prefer the ILSAC GF-5. Anyway, I have just bought 2 lots this afternoon and will most likely be going back for more this weekend. Just received the tax refund so might as well spend some more $$$ now and gift some other oil containers [previous specials] to my boys.
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    I made a mental note of a previous post in another thread about Toyota dealerships buying their oil in bulk i.e. 44 gallon drums. This makes economic sense with a one size fits all approach. Not sure if this is still a current practice especially with newer engines having more specific oil specifications. Getting back on track with this thread. From the information provided, Chris is most likely doing 2 oil changes per year with the next one due in April 2021 and then October. Also, he is driving less than 5K between oil changes plus cold winter mornings some as low as 0 C degrees. Looks like 5W-30 would be the preference for the winter months.
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    I really dig the idea of upgrading the reversing lights because I have a long, slightly narrow driveway and it's a bit of a bugger at night reversing in especially as we tend to have tinted windows too these days. It's not lit and is pretty dark. I have to concentrate harder at night when reversing in. I also appreciate the headlight upgrade, but the problem is if everybody puts these super bright LEDs, it may be good for the driver to be able to see better, but for oncoming drivers, like myself, we get blinded by the brightness. I think they've gone a bit too far with trying to out do each other to see who can make the brightest LED. Isn't there some kind of law or rule that could make this a potential hazard ? There should be a limit to how many lumen is acceptable and not cause someone to run off the road from temporary blindness.
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    Pictures aren't loading properly, I keep seeing a 1ZZ...
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    Welcome Michael, You sure are a lover of Toyota and their quality product, enjoy the forum and a lot here to assist should you need advise KAA
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    Just done approx. 200km in varying driving conditions including urban, highway and some pre-peak hour and achieved 9.75L per 100 kms. Still optimal results despite my lead foot and getting somewhat closer to realistic weekly or fortnightly fuel economy figures.
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    Hey mate, I use the claimed amount of fuel pumped, and I take note of the amount of KM's driven and do the maths. I then reset both the trip computer, as well as the "average since last reset" The car's "avg since last reset" is usually fairly accurate enough based on what I have found (given that I cannot gauge how accurate the fuel pump is, as well as being unable to account for variance in fuel density due to different temperatures) Cars normally taking a few hundred KM's to adjust to new fuel trims based on each fuel (understandably if I go down in octane and it starts pinging I would expect it to adjust pretty darn quick), in that it takes time work out a map for that fuel is why I never wanted to chop and change between fuels. I felt that I wouldn't get a proper result, in that I had heard of higher end car's straight away giving a different range after refilling with fuels like E10 etc, but I thought that my Camry would take time to adjust. But seemingly my car sensed the different fuel within about 200 metres of driving and displayed a larger range to empty, then it had ever done with 98 (after refilling) Which means that for whatever reason my car's ECU was not able to advance the timing enough to be able to get the most out of 98 Octane fuel. Whether it is an imposed limitation of the mapping because it is tuned to run on a minimum of 91 octane unleaded, or a number of other reason's I'm not sure. All I can say at the moment (with provable figures) is that the cars predicted range to empty using 95 is 710km versus 600km filling up using 98 octane fuel And If I was to predict (with no provable evidence, based solely on how I feel the car drives) the power curves between the two fuels, on how they affect my car I would guess (at the moment): 95 octane achieves power noticeably sooner and peaks in the rev range a bit lower than the 98 (so I would say low to mid-high end power) Whereas the 98 Octane takes more time to start making decent power, and it peaks noticeably higher in the rev range (so I would say mid-high to high end power), at which point you run out of Revs, or the car up-shifts (and you are back in mid rev ranges....).
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    Nice looking Celica with the Yamaha engine head. Same Celica as my mate's. It is still his daily driver and got no intentions of replacing it. Bit of a standing joke between us about my using diesel as an engine flush. Have not been able to convince him to try it. At least he is doing more regular oil changes. Last time I got my hands on his Celica, I gave it a standard oil and filter change. LOL
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    I'm sure it was an impeccable vehicle. Fussy owners usally do lol. It would've been nice to see the Celica continue. It had a good run since it's debut in 1970. We used to kick around in the early to mid 70s Celicas back in the late 80s early 90s and they were just great cars. I miss those days.
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    You guys will appreciate this clip I came across the other day. It's our beloved 2GR & as you'd expect of an engine with a big blower on top it looks to have a catch can fitted also, next to the coolant overflow bottle which appears to be vented to air 😉
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    We affectionately refer to him as "the lunatic"
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    Finally got around to convincing the wife to let me fit the springs, actually ended up getting a new rear pair as the other ones were a bit pitted and rusty. Blue springs for a blue car, of course. Ended up with 40mm drop on the front and 30mm on the rear (but the rears should settle a little more seeing as how they are new). Passed the shoe test (cheated and used a boot :p), does make getting in and out of the driveway a little trickier since we have rolled gutters (so there is no dip on the driveway portion). Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
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