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    Hello all. So i finally got a new 2012 atara sx (that 0% finiancing deal is awesome really). Originally i wanted an ex demo but 0% finiancing was too good to turn away. So i thought I'd give a little review. I'm no pro driver and I'll probably compare everything to my old corolla but here it goes... I've had the thing for over a week now. I'm no car expert but the first thing I noticed was how darn quiet the whole experience is. I dont have much in terms of experience sitting/driving cars...but my old 2005 corolla was very noisy when pushed. And NVH wasn't the best. The camry's wind noise is almost (to me anyway) non-existant although tire roar was louder than i expected. Another thing about the noise is the low rev sound of the engine. At under 2000rpm or so the thing sounds a little gurgle like whiney whirl sound. It's not very nice really but then once you get past 2000rpm the sounds gets all throaty and deep. Surprisingly good for a four banger really. To me the steering is also very nice. It feels like steering one of 'em wheels on a playground around the carpark and there is some feel when at speed. A lot better than my old corolla. I like. Power is more than adequate. I had a car full of ppl (well they were ladies though...as opposed to a car full of blokes for tennis in the old corolla) and the thing moved along as if they weren't there. When i was driving the corolla I struggled to get up to speed on the freeway...very scary indeed. Things I dislike... The ride quality is the only thing I dislike about the car. It's pretty much similar to the old corolla...a little firm. Well, the old corolla was harsh at times and you could feel the pot holes and little stones. I thought the atara would be different but it's pretty much the same so that was a little of a let down. I swear it felt better on the test drive but I guess not. It's not unbearable but something I have to get use to. Also not very nice is the sound system. It just feels like a regular toyota sound system with a big touchsreen. Nothing special. I thought it'll have at least something to display pictures but I dunno how to access it atm with my usb...The fixed headrests too give a psychological points deduction (overseas models have adjustable) and I thought 'em rear seats could lean back also. But i'm wrong. The "carbon fibre" look strip garnish thing on the dash feels a little iffy too as well as the garnish on the gear stick and the arm rests. It looks okay but just feels cheap. And there are only two real cubby holes...I like my cubby holes! All in all I'm very fond of the thing. It looks amazing inside and out (I think so anyway), drives like a gem, the seats are darn comfy (the electric seats are a nuisance though...coz i sleep a lot in the car reclining it all the time is annoying) the boot is huge the ride is quiet the steering wheel is cool the smell of a new car...hope this can help people in deciding on whether or not an atara sx is right for you. If I had a choice...i'd take all the looks of the sx on the ride of the other atara's (as in the lip spoiler, rear lower bumper, blacked out headlamps, plum like and black "leather"). I don't think the "sports" suspension is worth it. Maybe it will later on when i have more confidence in driving the thing (it's huge) but for now it doesn't add to the overall experience. Also, I regret it now but I dont believe that the finiance shortfall insurance is worth it (it's like about 780 bucks or something). Apparently if you total your car and your insurance pays an x amount, the insurance will cover the gap of that and the amount left on our finiance. Problem is, if you do total your car early on, your insurance would give you a new car anyway I think...I may be wrong...and if you do total it later on towards the end of the 4 years i think you'd have payed off enough of the loan to have no gap anyway (when compared to the market value of the car). Very stupid of me. Sorry this is a bit long winded!
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    i personally fancy 2013 Aurion look in white finish. It looks agressive and just awesome.
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    Yes you can. I have just done it on my 2012 Camry and it looks great. I bought the spoiler from my local Toyota dealer for just under $500. There is not too much available after market for this model yet. The body shape for the current Camry and Aurion is pretty close to identical.
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    Aurion spoilers on a Gen6 looks bad. the lines don't work.
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    You sleep in your car a lot, eh? Is that only when the tennis ladies are on board?
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    Hahaha... yep, they fit alright... Daryl (DJKOR) confirmed the stud pattern with me... I know lots about Camrys, he knows lots about Aurions, so I thought I'd check with him :P So far so good mate :)

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