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    Thought i'd post this up. This mod was done to an 08 Aurion but may work for other model cars as well. It's a cheap simlpe non invasive reversable way to customise your dash colours. With out the need for soldering LED's While LED soldering is still a very low skill level of modding not a lot of ppl are comfortable taking a iron to their beloved dashes. This method/guide makes for a much easier way with a low cost of materials for almost as pro look as LED replacement. I had originally wanted to change the LED's in my dash. (like i had done to my iload) But upon opening it up i seen that i could not get the dash to be multicoloured without extreme bleed. It's a bit more crafty skills than electronic or LED modding. As you can see here our AU dash is a bore.... cold and non enguaging. The new look dash. Not for everyone i know. I used simple A4 coloured plastic folders from the local Bargain shop. cost was around 2bux all up. I picked a bunch of different colours to cover as many combo's as i could. The next thing i did to help out was to build a temp mini back lit light desk. This gives a better idea of the end result. Dash out and strip down. You can see a diffusers plate, this simply catches the light and spreads it evenly though this section. Time to experiment. As you can see simply slipping a different colour behind the dash plate creates a brand new colour. Your pretty much only limited buy your imagination. To create a multi coloured dash just cut and butt join different coloured plastic. The best (reversable way) to hold the plastic inplace is with small tabs of normal clear selotape. You only need to keep the plastic inserts held in place untill the dash is clamped back together. Then the new inserts will stay inplace. Using the same method is multi coloured the Fuel and temp Guages as well. Fitted up and back in the car.
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    Two Types Available:Type1: EBAY Toyota 86 LED Taillights (Dot Type)Type 2: Toyota 86 LED Taillight (Diffused)
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    This unique Green Porsche 911 Carrera came to us requesting bit of a 'spruce up' to bring her back to life. The car was always cared for, but in normal circumstances usually via a hand car wash and/or with the wrong techniques. Products used were the usual Menzerna FG500 with the RUPES Rotary Polisher and Menzerna Wool Pad, also the DAS6 Pro + Surbuf Pads & Menzerna FG500 for harder to reach areas including 3" combination used, stepped down to Menzerna PF2500 and again to Menzerna SF4000 to really bring out the maximum amount of gloss and clarity from the paintwork. As you can see below; marring, holograms and imperfections were obvious throughout all the paintwork which in turn hides this beautiful metallic in the green from coming out leaving a very 'dull' finish to a very nice Porsche! Even the tail lights had evident swirls/spider webbing over them Definitely not how a Porsche emblem should be shown! Few heavier scratches were also found as you can see below on the front guard below the headlight Using the Wheel Woolies and 1Z Einszett's new ColourTec Iron Wheel Cleaner to give the wheels a good clean over One side high pressured off to compare.. 1Z Einszett ColourTec eating through the Carbon (Brake Dust fall out), bleeding an indication of the carbon cleaning! CCP's 3 Bucket Combo used with the soft Microfibre Wash Mitt and Wheel Woolies as well as Vikan Wheel & Arch Brushes The Dodo Juice Fine Grade Grey Clay Bar did pick up quite a bit of contaminants from the paintwork, surprisingly a lot over the bonnet area. Paint Thickness checked - tick 50 / 50 Shot The beautiful metallic and colour slowly returning - as you can see the left shows uncorrected, the right single pass with colour and clarity already evident The Plastic Trimmings also were quite weathered and required a bit of rejuvenation - of course Nanolex Trim Rejuvenator was the first product that came to mind. Just a couple drops at a time to leave the area looking fresh and new again. Once dry leaving a semi gloss factory like finish as it used to when it was new. The Money Shot! The Porsche's paintwork was finished with Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body for a nice deep, wet finish and Tyres with Duragloss 253 Tyre Dressing - perfectly suited to this Porsche to finish off! Thanks for taking the time to look! Car Care Products do offer Detailing, Paint Correction & Paint Protection and Matte Paint Protection for all new and used cars. If you would like a quote please feel free to contact us on 1300 006 007, or email info@carcareproducts.com.au - We can also recommend reputable detailers in your local Cities so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are out of state.
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    I have an RA65 with a sagging driver's door. I can see that the problem is worn hinge pins and have found plenty of early model pins for sale but not for RA60/65. Are they available? I also have one thread on the black plastic block that forms the inside of the door handle so the handle is loose. Does anyone have a used one I could buy? Cheers Alan
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    small update :) eta to perth 30th April 2013!!!! wheels chosen: http://www.ozzytyres.com.au/store/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/0f396e8a55728e79b48334e699243c07/5/2/527_16_flat_black_side_24.jpg thank you for viewing :)

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