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    Soooo I got my wheels back. And just ordered some new suspension :)
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    Sneak peek at the Sportivo at the dealership.
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    DC2R and DC5R was ok but I found them even to lack power even after bolt on mods fujitusbo exhaust and gruppeM intake headers and tune still not quick enough so I tried evo 8 MR that had enough power but it was getting old and I get bored so I sold up. I just want something abit newer with power. I like the idea of light weight cars thats why Ive always liked hondas. Thats another reason I was considering the 86. But at the moment im heading towards to Megane RS as it is ticking all the boxes. The only thing that is putting me off when you sit in the car it doesn't have that nice low feel like the 86 did. It feels much higher up. The 86 makes you feel like your in an old school sports car which I really liked. I'm not sure if you guys have seen this? http://www.evo.co.uk/news/evonews/290377/honda_civic_typer_turbo_concept_coming_to_geneva.html They are going for the quickest front wheel drive production car ever made if it can beat the Megane RS track record around the Nurburgring. Just not sure how I feel about the shape? But yeah decisions, decisons.

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