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  1. Hi all, I have an issue with what sounds like lifter noise but not sure. It started barely noticeable a few weeks ago and is getting worse. The oil levels are fine and has been serviced every 10,000k's - although it is due a service now. The car was doing about 10,000k's per year upto end of feb ths year and is now being doing about 40-50k's per day 7 days a week. Cheers
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  2. Ok, So I'm trying to get the passengers side window on my 7th gen Celica to be auto like the drivers side. So first push put the window down, if you push a little further (second click) the window goes down automatically. I bought a window switch last night and took it apart this morning to see if I can get this working. I'll explain what I did with the pics below: So as you can see here, the drivers side has 4 holes and the passenger side 2. This is where the small plastic rods go. The passenger side has the circles for the other rods, but is obviously covered. So I decided to drill holes
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